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TUBC Blockchain Workshop

TUBC Blockchain Workshop:

We talked about the affects of blockchain on the future of AI development.

Decentralization – Networks that are open source and do not exist in a single location.

Crypto – The application of crypto technology to create data that is secure and can prove ownership. The immutable nature of blockchain can allow for data to be proven accurate and trained on while encrypted.

I learned about blockchain and it\\\’s impacts on the future of secure AI model development.

This applies to my future career, because I want to do into data science and machine learning. Utilizing blockchain technologies could be potentially advantageous for machine learning and developing new AI models. This discussion helped me realize the value that blockchain can provide. Most of this is highly theoretical, and not in practice today. But it\\\’s important to learn about future technologies and be ready for them, if they ever come to fruition.

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