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EY Case Competition

I competed in the Case Competition sponsored by EY through the AIS Student Leadership Conference. My team, comprised of three other Temple MIS students, developed a case analysis and recorded a presentation that was judged by EY professionals. We ultimately placed second overall. We first completed a 15 minute presentation that was uploaded to youtube to be judged in the initial round. After advancing, we did our presentation live and had a follow up 10 minute Q and A session at the AIS Student Leadership Conference in front of EY judges for the final round. Our case focused on providing an organizational transformation strategy to an international bank looking to improve its technology. Through the case I learned how to present a case in front of industry professionals. More specifically, I learned about some of the intricacies of updating legacy systems and how complex of a process this can be for a large international corporation. I also did extensive research into the overall change management process and the steps necessary for upper management to get organizational support for a transformation. This activity related to my MIS coursework because it focused on technological solutions that a business can implement. Specifically, we looked at technologies such as APIs, ERPs, CRMs, and blockchain among others. In addition, this case gave me experience in proposing a solution to industry professionals which is likely to be a skill I will use in my professional career.

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