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Research Intern

  1. Research Intern – Brandywine Realty Trust
  2. My role supported the efforts of the Research team through data gathering and analysis. A common task might involve gathering some data from a government website or internal database, analyzing the data, and summarizing the findings.
  3. Examples of projects
    1. New Market Research – I helped gather data from national and various local opendata sources to put together key summary statistics for potential markets. These data included population, educational attainment, property values, etc. Then we used GIS software to map data onto a comprehensive visual for us to analyze specific regions and submarkets which may be attractive for investment.
    2. CRM Lead Management – I worked in HubSpot to gather and organize key leads for the company. This involved using third-party sites which communicated back to HubSpot through APIs. Furthermore, I learned the functionalities of HubSpot by following the process from initial lead generation through marketing outreach and sales.
    3. Research on Biotech in Philadelphia – I helped to complete an audit of biotechnology companies within Brandywine’s portfolio and others in the market. This involved SQL queries and data cleansing. We also did an analysis of lexeme frequency in biotech grant funding using PostgreSQL.
  4. I expanded my knowledge of CRMs and their capabilities. In MIS2101 we were introduced to SalesForce and at Brandywine I was exposed to HubSpot and dove deeper into the many functionalities of a CRM. Querying databases helped me to practice the SQL skills I learned in Data and Analytics. Furthermore, I used the principles of data visualization in the summaries I compiled. Finally, I was introduced to GIS mapping software which required knowledge of data types and integrating data.

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