Cinema Standoff

Bringing New Experiences to the BIG SCREEN



With the extraordinary popularity of homeentertainment options, such ondemand streaming services like Netflix, movie theater attendance has been on a steady decline for decades. To compensate, ticket prices have been rising as fast as attendance is falling. However, theaters that serve dinner and drinks to guests in plush recliners are comparatively booming. According to numerous studies, millennial and younger generations are willing to pay premium prices for experiences. Cinema Standoff will round out the movie going experience by offering prepreview gaming competitions for both individuals and groups of friends. Games could be tailored for upcoming movies/advertisers, and loading screens used as air time for short commercials. In addition to adding another immersive aspect to the theater going experience, winning players will receive prizes (concessions vouchers, free tickets, occasionally bigger prizes during promotions) for high scores, frequent play, and other in game achievements.