Cassidy Rimberg

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2018


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Thanks for visiting my site! I’m Cassidy and I am a senior MIS student at the Fox School of Business.

I developed an enthusiasm for technology growing up while experiencing technological change transform society. I believe that technology facilitates the interconnection of wide-ranging ideas and perspectives which I believe is the driving force behind innovation and problem solving. I am also very passionate about psychology and I am motivated by the connection between technology and the human experience. 

I think that in a world that is becoming more digital, it is more important than ever to have business and technology practices that are informed by empathy and ethical consideration. As we have become more digitally connected, it has had the effect of overstimulation and a lack of human connection offline. This is the source of many compounding sociological and psychological issues. My goal is to help solve this problem.

A fundamental part of my career interests involve enabling healthier relationships with technology and helping people reclaim their connection to the natural world. My goals involve working with technology to enable people to live happier, healthier, more aware lives. My interests include virtual reality, advocacy, sustainability, design, technology ethics, research, social hacking, social entrepreneurship and human-centered business approaches. I am deeply invested in the study of consciousness and the role that technology has to play in all of this.

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