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Assistant Drumline Director

As the Assistant Drumline Director, my role encompasses a variety of responsibilities aimed at supporting the overall success and growth of the drumline within the larger ensemble. I worked closely with the Drumline Director and other music faculty to plan and execute rehearsals effectively. This involves helping to develop rehearsal schedules, organizing music and drill materials, and leading sectional rehearsals as needed. A majority of my duty to the drumline players’ was development both musically and technically. To increase drumming competency, this entails giving personalized feedback, organizing warm-up activities, and running skill-building drills. Being involved with the development of student leaders within the drumline. My role including mentoring section leaders, fostering a positive and inclusive team culture, and providing opportunities for leadership growth and responsibility. Over a four month span I was completing administrative tasks, such as managing attendance records and organizing travel arrangements, further support the operation of the drumline program. Overall, my dedication and  contribution to creating a rewarding and enriching experience for all involved in the drumline.

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