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Professional achievement is professional development, career knowledge, leadership, networking, and readiness for the workplace. Professional achievement is different from academic achievement, both are important. Employers expect that new hires will have the skills and knowledge to perform their job and the street savvy, communication skills, and relevant experiences to hit the ground running. A high level of professional achievement shows employers that you can apply learning to practice, and that you can work with your peers and accomplish goals. Academic achievement is measured by GPA, professional achievement is measured by professional achievement points.

Fox MIS majors benefit from an innovative one-of-a-kind three part professional achievement program:

  1. Earn 1000 points (minimum) for professional development activities and for applying learning to practice (e.g., internships, student leadership)
  2. Receive recognition for professional achievement on leaderboards, badges, professional achievement wire, and e-portfolios
  3. ‘Cash-in’ reward points at the exclusive MIS Points Store and receive professional achievement cash awards.

All about points

For each approved professional development activity, students will receive Professional Achievement points and an equivalent number of Reward points. Professional achievement points count toward point levels, the 1000 point graduation requirement, and the leaderboard. Professional Achievement points never expire and typically always increase while Reward points decrease when used in the FOX MIS store. Students submit point requests through their e-portfolios on which they receive professional achievement badges. Professional achievement leaders are featured on the front page of the MIS Community platform. MIS students receive professional achievement awards and ‘cash’ in Reward points for branded merchandise and experiences in the FOX MIS Store

BBA in MIS graduation requirement

All BBA in MIS students are required to earn a minimum of 1,000 points before graduation. Students who fail to earn 1,000 points will not graduate!  Checkpoints have been established in specific courses to ensure success in meeting the point requirement.

Point guidelines

  • Points must be claimed within 3 months of the end of the activity/event.
  • New MIS majors have a one-time exception to the 3 month limit. Please collect evidence of all relevant activity and submit as one package within 3 months of becoming a major to
  • Points are deducted if you sign up for an activity and are a ‘no show.’


What is an e-portfolio?

Just as an artist compiles a collection of representative projects, MIS professionals compile a collection of professional achievements.  The e-portfolio showcases academic and professional achievement. Earn points for creating a basic e-portfolio and then later in your academic career, earn more points for creating an advanced e-portfolio! Click here to learn more. All MIS majors will create an e-portfolio that includes the professional achievement widget. Students will request work experience related points by submitting a new point request on the e-portfolio and that process will automatically add a post to their site. 

What are professional achievement points?

Earn professional achievement points for each approved professional development activity (e.g., internships).  Professional achievement points never expire, they count toward the 1000 point graduation requirement. The only exception is if you are a no-show for a formal pre-registered activity. 

How do I add the Professional Achievement widget?

  • Login to your E-portfolio dashboard
  • Select Appearance and then Widgets on the left
  • Drag the Widget titled “Professional Achievement” to the primary sidebar of your site.
  • You are done! The widget will automatically display the appropriate badge and summary of points earned. As you gain more points and move up a level, the widget will automatically display the new badge.

What are reward points?

For each approved professional development activity, you will also earn reward points. Reward points are deducted each time you make a purchase in the MIS points store.

What can I earn points for?

See the Professional Achievement Points page for a complete list of point earning opportunities

  • Internships and IT related work: Earn points for IT related internships, part-time work, and project work. May not receive multiple internship points for work done at the same company
  • AIS: Active participation in AIS earns points. A leadership role earns more points. 
  • Professional development and networking: Earn points for participating in a competition, attending a career fair, or creating an advanced e-portfolio.

How are points awarded?

Professional achievement and reward points are awarded automatically for department sponsored (e.g., attending the IT awards, participating in the IT Career fair) or AIS sponsored activities (e.g., serving as an active AIS member). New for fall 2015, to receive points for IT related work experience such as an internship, please submit a point request on your e-portfolio (see below). 

How do I get points for IT related work experience?

  • Create one PDF that includes the offer letter (must be on company letterhead) and contact information including name, title, email, and phone number of the HR professional or hiring manager who can verify the work experience. You can only submit one attachment so include all pertinent information in one PDF (click here for help). If the above information is missing, the submission will be rejected.
  • Login to your e-portfolio and access the Dashboard.
  • Select Points on the left and click Add New (this will add a special type of post to the e-portfolio).
  • Type in a descriptive title (e.g., project management at XYX Corp.) and a short description of what you learned from the experience, also include background on the firm, and a review of your role.
  • Select the relevant point category type on the right and the above PDF.
  • Click Publish to immediately display the post on the e-portfolio.
  • The system will inform you when the point request has been approved.

Why are points deducted?

Professional achievement points are deducted if you sign up for an activity and are a ‘no show.’ For example, if the activity is worth 25 points, then the exact same number of points will be deducted if you are a ‘no show’ for the activity. The department and AIS work hard to provide professional development opportunities. If you are a ‘no show’ and do not make prior arrangements then that shows a lack of professional development which is reflected in the point deduction. 

How do I check points?

  • Login to your e-portfolio and look at the Dashboard.
  • In the Dashboard, you will see current points, badge earned (see below), points needed to get to the next level, and a list of prior points.

What if points are missing?

It may take up to two weeks for the points to be posted. If you still do not see the points, please send an email to

What are the levels of professional achievement?

  • Grand Master: The pinnacle of professional readiness. Grand Master’s have extensive experience in engaging with industry, have demonstrated extensive leadership and communication skills, and are likely to take on leadership roles in the future.
  • Master: The master of professional achievement. Master’s have gone above and beyond all the basic requirements and excelled in every category of professional development, career knowledge, networking and are expected to be stars in their careers.
  • Candidate: The complete well rounded student. Candidates have excelled in meeting all the department’s requirements for professional development. They are ready for the workplace!
  • Apprentice: Apprentices have started investing in their professional development early and are well on track to meet the department’s requirements for professional achievement.

What is the FOX MIS Points store?

The FOX MIS Points Store was created to recognize the professional achievements and contributions of the students and alumni of the Fox School’s Department of Management Information Systems. Click here for more information.

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