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Customer Experience Intern

  1. Customer Experience Intern – Subaru of America, Inc.
  2. Job function –

The role was to complete two projects to present company executives with our findings. The assigned tasks included:

  • Using Excel to import and transform data
  • Using pivot tables to sort data
  • Building functions in Excel to utilize relevant information
  • Making external research of outside sources and companies
  • Building tables and graphs for executive use
  1. Examples of projects-

One team project focused on data analyzation and research to discover new metrics for management use to improve customer experience. We were able to develop a list of the most important metrics we discovered and recommendations to help implement those metrics into business.

The second individual project focused on data analyzation and research to improve email processes and improve customer resources to self-serve. I was able to find the high and low fist contact resolution cases from the email group and make recommendations for the Frequently asked questions page on the website as well as internal knowledge-based articles.

  1. Learning-

I learned how to import and sort and analyze data like what I learned in my data and analytics course. I also learned how to utilize formulas to pull useful information from data sets as learned in my data and analytics course.

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