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Graduate Analyst

I do not have an exact description, but I will relate it to my summer internship and what I have been told to expect.

This summer, I interned at Barclays US Bank in Delaware. My title was “Business Marketing Analyst.” I worked on the consumer lending team in the chief development office. It was an eight-week internship where I assisted my team with three projects. The first was creating an implementation plan and mockup schematic for an autopay enrollment incentive for the personal loan product. The second project was creating the slides for the H1 business segment review with a competitive analysis. The third project analyzed our product complaints over the past 12 months, which were sourced from our help desk. I was tasked with identifying the main problems and creating solutions. I did a fourth project for our acquisitions team by chance over a couple of coffee chats. I used SEMrush to analyze web traffic on one of our product domains and delivered a report that summed it up. 

I will be returning full-time to the bank as part of the graduate analyst program. This is a two-year program with three eight-month rotations through different departments of the business. After dozens of coffee chats, questions, and personal experience, I would like to try the Corporate Development team, Business Development team, and Marketing Acquisitions team for my three rotations. 

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