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Social Media Analyst

As a Social Media Data Analyst for a prominent influencer with over 2 million followers across various platforms, I played a critical role in the development of a digital analytics dashboard designed to maximize growth by meticulously analyzing social media metrics. My primary responsibilities included dissecting analytics from multiple platforms to understand follower engagement and optimize posting strategies. Key projects involved designing and implementing data models to determine the optimal times and types of content for posting, which required extensive testing and refinement to enhance model accuracy and functionality. Additionally, I developed straightforward visualization tools for the account owner, simplifying complex data to make it accessible and actionable. My analysis also involved breaking down demographics, strategizing targeted engagement, and initiating the development of a merchandise line tailored to specific audience segments. This role was invaluable in applying the theoretical knowledge gained from my data visualization course and integrating it with programming skills from other courses to build a strong foundation for statistical modeling.

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