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Temple Clean-Up Analytics Dashboard

The primary goal of this activity was to create a comprehensive analytics dashboard for the Temple Clean-Up Club. This digital tool was meticulously designed to assist the club in tracking their clean-up progress and location history effectively. Key features of the dashboard include year-to-year comparison charts, which serve as a visual representation of the club’s annual progress. Additionally, the dashboard highlights the zip codes of areas where the club has been most and least active, aiming to identify regions that may require further attention in future clean-ups. A notable functionality is the capability to log the volume of trash collected at each site, fostering a data-driven approach to measuring impact. This project not only facilitated the club in optimizing their efforts towards community cleanliness but also enriched my skills in data analytics and visualization. I learned the importance of tailored data tools in enhancing operational efficiency and the impact of strategic planning on community service outcomes. The collaboration with the Temple Clean-Up Club provided me with valuable insights into the logistical and environmental challenges of maintaining clean public spaces, emphasizing the role of analytics in solving real-world problems.

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