Erin Buckley

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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At Independence Blue Cross I worked for a family company, AmeriHealth Administrators (AHA) which is a third party self-funded insurance provider. Located at 19th and Market in Philadelphia, I was exposed to a large corporation of about 8,000 associates. Interning in the Business Technology Services (BTS) department was eye opening. Throughout the summer I was able to apply concepts and skills I have learned in the classroom and contribute to the BTS team. Some projects I worked on included tracking and documenting the Views usage throughout the BTS team in both the VMDM and VTDM databases. Through this project I was able to meet with members on the team and learn about their specific role in BTS and work along side them. I also assisted in the migration from the Legacy system to new platform by creating new “shells” for clients with AmeriHealth Administrators. As a student it is difficult to conceptualize what you’re learning applying to the real world. This internship incorporated topics I have learned in my MIS courses, specifically Data Analytics. SQL was used throughout the entire company, in all departments. I was able to practice writing queries for different tasks for the team. Another integral course that contributed to my experience was Data-Centric Application Development. Almost every member on the BTS team used JavaScript, so I was able to build upon my knowledge of the language and contribute to the team. Overall, this internship was an amazing experience that confirmed I made the right decision in choosing MIS.

Professional Achievements

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