Edward Jerez

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2022


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    1. Systems Support Analyst 1
    2. Wells Fargo
    3. November 2016 – November 2018
    4. Job Description paragraph (all four items below are required).
      1. Worked in File Transmission Services.
      2. Implement and support new transmission channels between Wells Fargo Bank departments, applications, and their external partners. Transmission channels which sometimes varied because customers have different needs and sometimes needed them to work in very specific ways (e.g. maybe they need us to implement a schedule and pull a file from one of their partners on a specific day at a specific time) and because we support protocols (SSL, SSH, Connect:Direct (NDM), AS2 etc.) that require different configurations and behave differently.
      3. The retirement process for legacy MFT platform IBM Connect:Enterprise and conversion to the replacement, Axway SecureTransport. I supported the project and migrated customers and transmissions from one planform to the other. One of my accomplishments during the project include facilitating the implementation of netmaps and user proxies on local and remote nodes for connections with IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise & Axway SecureTransport (over 200+ proxies and netmaps so far) and ensuring they functioned as intended.
      4. I’ve implemented all sorts of transmissions from beginning to end (at least one of each type), resolved live production issues, and been made responsible for modifying transmission already in prod without causing any problems. Getting a look at how payroll and retirement teams securely exchange data and process it has given me a better understanding of how many of the companies that exist now operate and how MIS comes into play. It has given me unique perspective of how information systems (in this case MFT platforms like IBM Connect:Enterprise and Axway SecureTransport) can leveraged to automate processes and support the business in a way that requires significantly less manual input that can be put towards more productive work.

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