Thuy Ta

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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Risk Advisory Intern


The summer internship at EY this summer has been an exceptional experience for me to broaden my mind about the consulting and financial industry, explore my strengths and passion, continue gaining in-depth IT auditing knowledge and horn my soft skills for my future career.

At EY, I was a Risk Advisory Intern, specializing in Technology Risk in the Financial Services Office (FSO) where all my clients are in the financial sector. My main role was performing IT auditing for clients by assessing and evaluating the risks and find solutions to mitigate the risks so the clients’ IT systems operate efficiently and prevent error or fraud for the financial statements. With the former internship experience at Comcast under my belt, I picked up the work quickly from my seniors and manager and took on three engagements with three big clients simultaneously. I gained in-depth general technical knowledge such as IT operations, configuration management, logical access, and cybersecurity, as well as the characteristics of each client’s IT systems and how they use the same application differently. In order to manage three engagements simultaneously and deliver excellent-quality work, I had to manage my time well by dividing the time and workload based on priority, understand my clients’ needs and uniqueness by conducting research on the clients’ business models and IT systems and controls, and constantly asking questions to challenge prior year’s work and learn from my senior’s experience.

The Enterprise IT Architecture class from my MIS major has helped me greatly in forming a foundation of information systems knowledge, and the Auditing class from my Accounting major prepared me well for business writing and document the audit workpaper. I also had an awesome team who are always willing to teach me about both IT controls and business knowledge, such the IT Control Testing and a process of claim payment in the insurance company. With my technical background from the MIS and Accounting majors, a great learning environment at EY, and amazing support from my team, I successfully assisted my team in IT auditing three engagements in the Walkthrough process for three clients, identifying critical IT risks and suggesting solutions for clients to manage the design of their IT systems securely.

My favorite memory with EY is the International Interns Leadership Conference (IILC) in Florida at the end of my internship. There were more than 3,400 interns came from all around the world and we all sat together in a ballroom at Disney World. It was definitely eye-opening to see how many young and bright students out there that I connected to and how much effort EY put into its people. This is also what I appreciate the most at EY: the people-centric culture and embracing diversity.

The summer internship at EY was an awesome opportunity and a learning curve for me. I highly value all the knowledge, skill sets and relationships that I have gained from the experience and be ready to unlock new challenges and one step closer to my career goal: bridging technology advancement and business objectives.

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