Grace Batchelder

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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  1. Job function:
    1. I utilized internal systems to investigate issues had by other departments, vendors, customers, and warehouses and provided a solution backed by data and statistics. I could draw conclusions based on trends of a variety of daily business practices, data involving orders, items, vendor purchasing, and more.
  2. Examples of Projects:
    1. I collected data and formed statistics regarding the amount of time and money the company wasted on resolving issues with orders that have a discontinued item on it. Using internal analytical systems and functions I used statistics as evidence that a new process needed to be put in place. Once the new process was approved, I translated the literal changes that needed to be made into developer language so that the IT department could act appropriately. This included programming changes to our internal information website, automated emails, and internal databases.
    2. Using data analytical skills, I collected unstructured data regarding the amount of time, money, and manpower spent on processing returns. I structured the data and created tables, pivottables, and infographics to present to my manager. This information was used to make to make logical and educated decisions regarding our processing of credits. The decision was made to automate the majority of the processing of credits, resulting in an increase of profitability and efficiency coming from the payments department.
    3. I worked alongside a scrum master, business analyst, and a number of developers to write, prioritize, and implement tickets from all departments to either improve internal systems or fix a bug that had been identified by other analysts. Throughout the summer, I translated literal changes into developer language so that the changes could be better understood by the developers.
  3. I learned about business analyst and scrum master positions that I had not previously considered as a future career. This position in logistics allowed me to work closely with people who work with information systems and data management despite my lack of experience as a sophomore. I used excel functions from previous statistics course and data extraction and organization tools from Intro to MIS. I found that some of the skills I started developing at the have become relevant in my current courses as well. I am able to apply more of the excel and statistical analysis skills I developed in my Statistical Business Analytics course; the data storage, extraction, and organization tools in my Data Analytics course; and I am able to see more of the programming skills I was introduced to in my Data-Centric Application Development course.

Professional Achievements

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