Hannah Mailer

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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This internship was completed in the Summer of 2018 but I declared my major late and was told I could still apply for Pro Points.

  1. This role was delecgated as an Accounting Associate because we could work on one of two teams who either worked on ongoing accounting work or the transition to SAP.  This was a broad function, but the overal project was the transition to SAP – though collaborating with an exisiting team and supporting various roles while tasks shifted during the transition.
  2. In this role I:
    1. Managed the completed tasks and test case scenerios on JIRA and an Excel which my boss used to present to senior leadership on a weekly basis.
    2. Ran test cases in the new SAP enviornment – focusing on Finance and Accounting tasks and roles
    3. Followed through with connecting CorCentric  and SAP
    4. Implimention ended October 31 but my internship ended 12 Aug
  3.  From that point in time it did not connect to MIS classes but it was interesting from a system implimentation point of view. There was a lot of push back against the implimentation and it was a collaborative effor between the new team and the exisiting team as the old team still had their full 40 hour work week to complete. This posisition made me interested in MIS and I am looking forward to taking more classes that align with system implimentation.
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