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KB-Gradebook Plugin

imagesFaculty members can take advantage of a WordPress plugin that allows them to upload and display grades to students. The plugin allows you to upload custom gradesheets created by Excel or any other program that allows the exporting of CSV (Comma-Separated-Value) files. You are required to have a list of student names and their e-mail addresses so that they are able to view their individual grades by visiting a course site/blog. Once the gradebook plugin has ben set up maintenace is fairly hassle free.

Here’s how to get started:

Gradebook Plugin

  • KB Gradebook Plugin Author –
  • Install by navigating to: Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed ->KB Gradebook and click on activate.
  • How to use:
    • Create a course page/blog (e.g. MIS 2101 Sec. 001) or go the the Dashboard of your current course blog.
    • Navigate to KB Gradebook (Dashboard -> Posts -> KB Gradebook )
    • Create a course corresponding to the course page


  • Make a spreadsheet containing the following columns: Student Name, Student Email Address (must be the same as student’s WordPress login email), and a column for each graded test/assignment (e.g. Assignment 1, Quiz 1, Final)


  • Upload spreadsheet – Type name of Email header column


  • Click “Continue” and you should see this


  • Change the message as you see fit.
  • Click “Continue” and you will be shown a table that displays how your message will appear to the first 5 students in your spreadsheet. If you want to change your message, just hit your browser’s “back” button.
  • Create a page (Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New), name the page (e.g. Grades), and add [KB Grabebook] to the page body.
  • When the student logs in and navigates to this page they should see:


2 Responses to KB-Gradebook Plugin

  • If you use the gradebook to provide comments to students, you can avoid a lot of problems by turning off the “replace text as you type” feature in Excel. (look under “Autocorrect options” under “proofing”) The plugin can only handle regular text and Excel will try to be extra helpful and replace regular textual elements such as “…” with a symbol called an ellipse. This problem can be very hard to diagnose.

  • If your students cannot see their grades, most likely the email address you downloaded from Tu-portal does not match their email address on community.mis

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