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5 Principles to Succeed With Business and Technology Simplification

This was a Webinar hosted by Gartner webinars. The speaker for this webinar was Dave Aron. The goal of this webinar was to learn from accomplished leaders about simplifying tasks, discovering the 5 key principles from successful simplification, and ways to streamline your business strategy with the future in focus. The 5 key principles are Enterprisewide Optimization, Directed By Strategy, Focused on the Future, Encapsulated in Metrics, and Underpinned by Data. I feel as though the principles of simplification discussed in the webinar are directly applicable to the field of MIS, offering me practical knowledge and strategic insights that can be applied in their future roles in managing information systems within organizations. I was able to learn about the challenges of managing complex systems and data, how simplification contributes to long-term profitable growth, risk management, and improved stakeholder experience which is essential components of strategic planning, and I gained an understanding about how these principles are applied in actual business and technology environments.

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