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How to Apply Generative AI for New Competitive Advantages

This webinar was hosted by Garner Webinars. The speaker for this event was Christian Stephan. The main focus of this webinar was. Maximizing GenAI Potential for Executive Leaders, Achieving GenAI Market Leadership through Innovation, and Avoiding Overly Strict AI Policies and Committees. They talked about how “AI soultions are the top emerging technology”, Chat-based AI support, Generative AI such as summarization, as well as AI helping with product design. I feel as this would be beneficial to be as a MIS student because it provides me with a strategic perspective on the role of generative AI (GenAI) in digital businesses. It also emphasizes the importance of innovation, which is a key aspect of MIS. As well as highlighting the challenge of balancing risk management with innovation, a critical consideration for MIS professionals. 

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