Jacob Cesarz

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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  1. Job function (e.g., overall role, assigned tasks)

My role was to be a technology consulting intern with the goal of assisting on client projects, learning about client processes and practices, and familiarizing myself with the NetSuite ERP.

  1. Examples of projects (e.g., list the projects you worked on and what you accomplished)

Given that the full-time internship was shortened into a different program, the project work was limited. However, I did participate in one week-long project with a team of other interns spread across different service lines and teams. The project was to conceptualize and present a concept for a charity event for an assigned cause.

  1. What you learned and how it relates to your major (e.g., describe what you learned from this experience in the context of specific courses)

The majority of the program was dedicated to learning about the firm’s culture and values, as well as introductions to each service line’s local group, based on the previously designated office location. We had the opportunity to sit in on several meetings with the team associated with our position.

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Professional Achievements

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