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Sales Operations Intern

  1. Job Title: Agora World
  2. Job function: Revamp and streamline Agora World’s entire onboarding experience and come up with more creative re-engagement strategies.​
  3. Some projects that I worked on at Agora included:
    1. Gaining hands-on experience utilizing and navigating various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to efficiently manage and organize customer data.
    2. Engaging in an immersive exploration of Agora World’s platform, comprehending its functionalities, and tracking its developmental journey.
    3. Conducting in-depth research to identify potential third-party tools capable of enhancing CRM capabilities and seamlessly integrating with Agora World’s operational infrastructure.
    4. Contributing to the design and documentation of intricate workflows, meticulously streamlining the customer experience, to optimize the sales process and its operations.
  4. Participating in this real-world experience has been an invaluable opportunity for me. I was able to apply a lot of skills I have learned from my User Experience course to help with understanding the customer and how they think and operate in order to produce a better experience for Agora World users when they interact with the platform. It’s allowed me to not only put theory into practice but also to engage with a diverse range of remarkable individuals I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with on this journey. This experience has not only contributed to my personal growth but has also equipped me with a more comprehensive toolkit to approach future endeavors with confidence and a well-rounded perspective.

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