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Webinar: Is AI the Key to Greater Software Developer Productivity

I participated in Gartner’s webinar: Is AI the Key to Greater Software Developer Productivity.

Three speakers: Keith James Mann, Frank O’Connor, and Haritha Khandabattu spoke on the factors that impact developer productivity.

I learned that developer productivity can be categorized into five categories:

1) Satisfaction and Wellbeing

2) Performance

3) Activity

4) Communication and collabortion

5) Efficiency and Flow

On the other hand, disruptions to flow can impede productivity. These disruptions include delay, interruption, mental fatigue, miscommunication, and dissatisfaction. I also learned how to measure the impacts of AI. To this day, ouput metrics are being used to measure productivity which is not ideal. Gartner’s 4 important categories of metrics are

  1. velocity/flow
  2. quality
  3. organizational effectiveness
  4. business value

I can utilize this information in my career by feeling confident in the use of AI within my work. I can also determine my productivity by utilising the new metrics I have learned.

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