Jada O Goodwin

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2014


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Hi! My name’s Jada.

I’m currently a full time business analyst at the Federal Reserve studying Management Information Systems. 

I hope you enjoy my e-portfolio!

26 thoughts on "Welcome"

  • Alicia walls says:

    Hello not so Little jada anymore. friend of your parents from mom’s job. great job on website. good interest in it. the way to go.


  • Jada R. Goodwin says:

    Good job on the website and the papers you posted.

  • Sonia maldonado says:

    great job with your blog jada!

  • maggie Gomez says:

    hI jada, I still remember when you was born and how fast you grew up to a beautiful young lady.
    congratulatons on pursuing your career at temple. i hope you graduate with honors. you deserve all the best and good luck in all your endeavors.

    this blog is great and wish you many great responses. your picture is beautiful. keep reaching for the stars!

    take care,


  • Cassandra Stroude says:


    you have blossomed into such a beautiful young lady inside and out. i’m so proud of you and honored to be your “auntie”!! keep up the good work! I love you!

  • ERIC T. GOODWIN says:


  • Bill Thoden says:

    Hi JaDA,gOOd luck with your dreams.i hope they pan out for you.

  • Dj nate-g says:

    Good luck & never stop trying.

  • Bernadette Andrews says:

    Hi Jada…you have wonderful aspirations…enjoy the journey! BTW..what does the “O” stand for? Mrs.B

    1. Thanks. It stands for “Octavia”, my middle name.

  • Henry brubaker says:

    very professional site. very with-it young lady. thanks for sharing with me.

    1. You’re welcome, thank you for visiting!

  • ava higginbotham says:

    hi jada you have really blossom and matured to beatiful young lady knowing just what and where you want to go in life thats the hard part best wishes for you in your success and the raods you travel.

  • Mary Sarno says:

    Dearest Jada, you have grown into an exceptional young woman I am so impressed with this and I look forward to hearing more about your success

  • Simone says:

    Keep up the good work….

  • Donna says:

    Jada, Your site is wellthought out, uncluttered and well organized . I would hire you in a heartbeat. Best of luck in your future.

  • Russ Swan says:

    Nicely done. Keep up the good work.

  • Bobbi Robinson says:

    Awesome Website!! I’m at work right now (EPA), but when I get home, I look forward to reading all of your papers. Can’t wait to see what type of business you will own in the future! I’m saving my money so I can be one of your customers. I know your family and I feel safe knowing that there will be another generation of Goodwin’s as future leaders. Plus, anyone who’s favorite color is blue is alright with me!! May God bless you and show you favor on all of your dreams…. and as he gives you the strength and courage to fulfill your dreams…… along the way, don’t forget to have fun!!!!

  • Benita Graham says:

    this website is great. you are a very intelligent, focused young woman. i know your parents are proud because i’m beaming right now. keep up the good work. you are definintely your mother’s child.

    benita (epa worker)

  • Bob Kelly says:

    Ms. Jada

    am a friend of your mom’s at work (EPA). Great job on website and blog. I am looking forward to reading your papers later today. Keep up the good work and hope your a success in all your set out to accomplish.


  • Rita tate says:

    Hi jada!! Nice to meet you as well!! Great work on Your page!! I’m so excited to see you have an interest in psychopathology!! Best wishes to a future entrepreneur! i can’t wait to see/hear what business you’ve started with your management information systems/psychopathology degree!!! sounds fascinating!!! maybe i’ll be one of your consumers!!

  • Linda says:

    Hi jada,

    I am a co-worker of your mothers at EPa and she ask that I assist you with your project . . . so i am going to do just that. Please do not take offense. My only objective is to help. Since my job entails technical writing I noticed several errors in your blog. I would like to point out those errors but I don’t think this is the proper format for that. I think you are a fabulously beautiful Arien sister who i would love to see reach your goals. I wilL send my edits to the e-mail address you have posted. good luck in all you do!

    1. Thanks very much, I appreciate the feedback!

  • Josie M says:

    Hi. I am one of your mom’s co-workers. i think your website looks great. its well-done, professional,
    and provides just enough information. Good Luck with your studies.

  • Yanting Zhang says:

    hi, jada. first of all, you got lots of good stuffs in your e-potfolio. i really like the quote and reading you posted on your site. they are good and interesting. however, i suggest that maybe you can add some pictures to make your blog even attractive, besides lots of texts. maybe you can also add some information about your career interest. otherwise, your e-portfolio is great.

    Do you mind giving me some feedback too? Please post your comments on my “contact me” page, Thanks.

  • Trina Gordy says:

    Hello jada, nice to see that you are accomplished in your task that was assigned for your major. you did an excellent job with the structure of this site, it was very user friendly and the hyper links navigated you from one page to another.

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