Jin Lee

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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Image may contain: 12 peopleWelcome to my E – portfolio!

My name is Jin Lee and I am a sophomore MIS major at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

Coming from a business and computer science family, I developed a passion for the new opportunities that technology could provide and help for everyone in the world.

Having the opportunities to teach English and Korean to kids in different countries like Guatamala, Korea and schools in America, I was

able to develop strong adaptability and communication skills to help me further develop myself as a student of Temple University.


As technology continues to advance and break barriers to the future,  I want to bring these technological advances to revolutionize the business industry.

As a MIS student in Temple University, I have grown a passion for technology as I was able to attend lectures with business professionals that spoke upon new implementations of technologies in their business.

As I continue to explore new opportunities in MIS, I would love to intern at different companies to learn and develop skills in this business field while hoping to start my own company as well.




Professional Achievements

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2019

    • IBIT/CDI Challenge or ConferenceFall 2019

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackSpring 2019, Fall 2019

    • AIS Technical Development TrackSpring 2019, Fall 2019

    • AIS Professional Development TrackSpring 2019

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