John Perrotta

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2018


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My Interests

Structured Data

For years web developers have been trying to unlock Google’s search algorithm to get their websites to the top of the search results. From Google’s prospective they want to deliver the best sites to their users based on the information contained within the page. To foster this relationship Google has released documentation for using structured data based off’s JSON structure documentation. By utilizing this JSON schema on your web pages you can more precisely describe to Google and other web crawlers not only what the contents of your web are but what that information is meant to do. As an additional incentive Google has enabled a “rich cards” feature in some of their search results so if a webpage uses structured data it has a better chance of showing in these cards providing more impressions for the website and a better experience for people searching Google.

Here’s the markup for my blog post: Critical Aspects of Small Business Websites

“@context” : “”,
“@type” : “Article”,
“name” : “Critical Aspects of Small Business Websites”,
“author” : {
“@type” : “Person”,
“name” : “Jack Perrotta”
“image” : “”,
“articleSection”: “Small Business Digital Marketing”,
“articleBody”: “Even though not directly, small businesses are always in competition with the industry’s big dogs. In order for these firms to survive, they have to maximize on every opportunity that they have in front of them. A well-designed, optimized, and functional website to give the much-needed presence online is a necessity to set apart a small business from the rest of it’s competition. To create such a website, the following critical aspects must be incorporated Clear Top Navigation You may decide to have navigation on the sidebar, however this may not be very effective for a small business as users expect the navigation to be on the top. This is where they will look at when searching for other pages on the website.Contact Information As a small business, your contact information must always be easily visible on the website. This information should show the business name, physical address, telephone numbers and business email. It should be fashion in a easily accessible location, preferably on the footer menu in addition to a link on the top navigation. Site security You want to give your visitors the confidence that your website is secure and they should not be afraid of using it. This calls for securing your site with SSL and having the security signature shown on the website. This is especially imperative if you will be collecting sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers. Mobile friendly Mobile users have now surpassed desktop users, and as a small business, this is a critical aspect you must never avoid. It goes without saying that current websites must be mobile-friendly, and as such, it is imperative for you to test your site and ascertain that it renders okay on mobile devices. Failure to utilize this can result in the loss of clients.”
“url” : “”,
“publisher” : {
“@type” : “Organization”,
“name” : “Vitris”,
“logo” : {
“@type”: “ImageObject”,
“name”: “VitrisLogo”,
“width”: “314”,
“height”: “226”,
“url”: “”
“datePublished”: “2018-06-04”,
“headline” : “Critical Aspects of Small Business Websites”,
“dateModified” : “2018-06-05”,
“mainEntityOfPage” : “Vitris”

Hydroponic Gardening

On a totally unrelated note, I also greatly enjoy the outdoors and gardening. A couple summers ago when I had more free time I built a hydroponic garden as a proof of concept. I used 90% less water and 60% less space than I normally would for a garden of it’s size. In the future I’d like to get involved in the emerging urban gardening industry, I believe this is the best solution to affordably feed the growing urban populations of the world.

Check out this video of the garden in action

Professional Achievements

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