Joon-Yong Kim

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2015


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I have been playing alto-saxophone for 10 years. This can be the reasons why I participated the high school musical for 4 years which are Honk, A Christmas Carol, 42nd Street and also Bye Bye Birdie. I coordinate and plan weekly music agenda and special entertainment events including visits to local retirements and nursing homes.

I went to scholarship Jazz Camp which held in Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, 2008. This was the great opportunity to motivate my interested in Jazz and alto-saxophone for my life. I learned more about Jazz and I can never let go of Jazz.

Here are two videos that you might interested to look at ; one video is from the Jazz Camp : Jazz Camp Video

The other video is from the event that held in nursing homes : Nursing home video

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