John Saviello

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2019


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My analyst internship at SEI involved tracking clients such as financial advisors and banks.  My main role was maintaining the data base for tracking clients.  Our team was also responsible for operating the CRM system and improving the process of reaching out to advisors and banks that we work with.  In addition to the operations analyst team, I spent time with the Disaster Recovery Unit.  The Disaster Recovery Unit is involved with keeping all data at SEI available and constantly planning and running tests to ensure that the information on SEI’s servers could withstand a natural disaster or cyber attack.  SEI was founded by Al West.  SEI started as a financial technology company supported by its legacy system: Trust 3000.  SEI is continuously developing financial planning/operation programs for its clients.  The internship at SEI opened my eyes to the massive amount of information and programming that goes into supporting the institution and its clients.

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