Experience and Future Endeavors


Company: J. Reckner Associates, Inc–Center City Philadelphia, PA

 Position: Customer Service Assistant

 Effective Dates: September 2011- Present

Description: As a customer service assistant I have gained hands on experience in the marketing research    industry by assisting  clients and moderators effectively conduct research studies. Tasks include setting up focus group and In Depth Interview rooms as well as helping participants fill out proper confidentiality forms. Reporting to a project manager, I close research study folders that includes participant information and the study’s overall success.


Company: Hershey’s Chocolate World– Hershey, PA

Position: Retail Attendant (customer service sales team representative)   

Effective Dates: June 2009- Present

Description: Hershey’s Chocolate World is a world renowned tourist attraction serving over 20,000 guests daily during its summer peak season. As a retail attendant, tasks include interacting with guests making purchases, working with the warehouse to increase stocking efficiency, and suggesting new products to guests. Serving as a member of the customer service sales team, I worked closely with management to insure customer satisfaction. Hershey has provided me an opportunity to cultivate my work ethic and show how customer satisfaction is important to any brand.


Company: Foot and Heal Pain Institute of Michigan–Southfield, MI               

Position: Office Assistant

Effective Dates: June 2007- October 2007

Description:  Foot and Heal Pain Institute of Michigan is a Podiatric medical specialist under the direction of three physicians. The company that has a diverse clientele serves the metro Detroit region. As an office assistant, I filed patient charts, worked with nurses to make appointment reminder calls and make appointments using EThomas Medical software. FHPIM provided the opportunity to learn about the basic functions of running a successful practice. Working with patients or guests is an integral part of any business and my knowledge of this sector increased due to this experience.


Upon graduating it is my hope to expand my knowledge in both of my majors by interning with companies in my field. While I am uncertain exactly which field I will pursue once I have graduated, I hope to pursue a career in market research because I have a special interest in consumer behavior. Subsequently, I also plan to continue my education by getting my Masters in Business (MBA).       


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