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Junior Consultant
-Upskill servicemembers in IT-related fields (JavaScript, Full-Stack Java, HTML/CSS, Python, AWS)
-Promote ServiceNow, Infosys, Appian, Xpanxion’s, and Total Cyber’s SkillBridge programs under ERA Solutions MOU with Army bases and IMCOM.
-Generated $256,000 in revenue for the company in 60 days; averaging 1.4 million every year
-Use the CRM to track, update, and connect with leads
-Attend in-person events with P3O contractors as they occur to promote our internships, cohort, and apprenticeship opportunities.
-Specialized in Chemical Operations, Biological Operations, Dismounted Reconnaissance Operations, Radiation Fundamentals, and Nuclear Weapons
-Trained in formal decontamination procedures to protect civilians from mass casualties
-Provide training advice and supervision regarding CBRN equipment and operations
-Partook in rigorous mental and physical training over the course of six months concentrating on the CBRN impacts on a global and domestic scale


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