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  1. Information about the organization (e.g., type, size, location, specific division/department in which you will be employed)
  2. Job function (e.g., overall role, assigned tasks)
  3. How the job relates to your major (describe how you will apply course work to the job or which course(s) helped you get this job).
  4. Once approved, the description is automatically displayed in a post on your e-portfolio.

Arbitech is the world’s leading independent distributor of data center products. It is based out of Irvine, CA but they have sales offices across the country. My office is in Berwyn, PA with a sales team of 5 members including 2 sales reps, a customer service representative, and 2 account executives. I will be employed in the Sales department as part of the Berwyn team. My job will be to prospect for new accounts, maintain relationships with existing accounts, and sell IT equipment to all of these accounts. I will also use CRM to manage my relationships with customers so that all information is in the company database such as points of contact, contact history, and purchasing history. The aspect of CRM related to my first MIS course which featured salesforce as a way to manage your business processes. The products we sold related to my cloud architecture course, physical storage and databases are sold and used as a part of our daily responsibilities. I believe that the knowledge that I gained in these courses, along with all other MIS courses, helped me get this job because I was extremely educated on the products and business in general that I am working in. My employer was blown away at the extensive knowledge I have of the tech industry because a lot of sales representatives at the company lack a technical background and have to learn the business from the ground up.


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