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My name is Marissa Baker and I am a sophomore at the Fox School of Business, majoring in Marketing, and considering a minor in MIS. Other than living at Temple University throughout the week, I was born and raised in Doylestown, PA, about an hour from the Philadelphia area. I am an only child following in the footsteps of my father, who attended Drexel University, while my mother went straight to work after high school.

I am very passionate about my work studies, while at home I enjoy working two jobs; Outback Steakhouse, and a small farm market called None Such Farms.  I’ve been at None Such for over 9 years, it being my first job all throughout high school.  I am very dedicated and take my job very seriously and I feel because of that, states why I am still employed at both.  Also, recently I had just accepted a Marketing  internship for the summer of 2011 at Hart Corporation, a real-estate investment corporation.  I am very excited to begin a new path in my life this summer.

All throughout high school, I was very interested in business, taking all the business classes, even achieving the top business student of the year of my graduating class.  Since then, business has been a passion of mine, trying to expand my knowledge in any area to the full extent.  My long term future goal would be to graduate with my BA from Temple University, move to Florida, and hopefully get the job of my dreams working for the Disney Corporation.  It has always been my dream and I am working hard now to achieve it.

Aside from school and work I enjoy hanging out with friends and family.  My family is quite small but they mean the world to me as well as my friends, who have become my second family.  Whether we are doing something specific or just relaxing we are always having a good time.  I would also love to travel around the world after school to see the world. My two destinations that I plan to go are to Hawaii and Australia.  But wherever life takes me, I’ll be happy.

Marissa Baker

Fox School of Business- Marketing


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