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Weekly Question #9: Complete by November 16

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on November 16.

Leave a post about your group project:

  1. What is the subject of your group project?
  2. Which of your fellow scholars are in your group?

Only one group member has to make the post (only one post per group), but for your other group members to get credit they need to be mentioned in the post.

9 Responses to Weekly Question #9: Complete by November 16

  • Subject:
    Airbnb Data Set
    We are going to analyze data about Airbnb’s in different cities and compare the results of the cities each of us choose. Each person will choose one city as there are thousands of rows of data per city.

    Group Members:
    Nicholas Griffaton
    Zach Delphais
    Kate Sliwinski

  • 1. TED Talks datasets, we’re analyzing the most viewed and most favorited Talks of all time? the TED main dataset contains information about all talks including number of views, number of comments, descriptions, speakers and titles dating from 2006 to September 21, 2017.
    2. Members:
    Jasmine Rogers
    Bosung Park
    Phoebe Davidson
    Hansel Tan
    Devon Hill

  • Subject: Which Big 5 Philly School has the Safest Campus?
    Members: Vanessa Ioannidi, Zach Burkhardt, Jacqueline McCarrik, and Jeffrey Angstadt

  • Subject: We will be focusing on the amount of crime that occurs around schools. We will compare the same types of crimes, and look at the different factors that affect the crime rate.
    Members: Raghad Ayoub, Rami Aboud, William Wrobel, Luke Reynolds

  • Subject: Complaints against the Philadelphia Police Department. We are going to analyze the lack of service, abuse, and unprofessional conduct of the department. We will also be analyzing each summary of the event that was filed.

    Members: Kieragh McMenamin, Jessie Turner, Bennett Sigourney, Preston Monah, Adam Scalfani.

  • Subject: We are going to answer the question: Who is the best statistical NFL player to play the quarterback position. We will compare numerous key statistics, such as: QBR, passing yards, interceptions, etc. to answer this question.

    Members: James Villani, Brandon Weiss, Noah Clay, and Shabbir Lageli

  • Subject: Affordable Housing Production in Philadelphia
    Members: Erildo Shperdheja, Christopher Nawalinski, Thomas Kiessling, Joseph Chapman

  • Subject: We are going to use a temple admissions data set to analyze demographics of different types of students.
    Members: Vince Sortino, Staci Curry, Grace Stephania, Sara Hable

  • Subject: Black Friday deals vs. Cyber Monday deals
    Members:Tracy Glova, Kayla Cohen, Courtney Wilson, Kourtney Thompson

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