Section 002, Instructor: Sezgin Ayabakan

Study Guide for Exam 2

Here is the study guide for the first exam.

Couple of items for your attention:

  • Exam #2 is on Nov 3, Friday at 4pm.
  • One of our MIS PhD Students will proctor the exam. I will be at a conference.
  • If you are an athlete and have a conflict, then don’t wait till the last minute. Talk to me immediately.
  • I will hold an exam review during our regular class time on Nov 1st, Wednesday. No other review session has been planned as of now.

Suggested study approach:

  • Review the Study Guide first, then:
  • Start with the slides
    • Look at the major concepts
    • Where a slide is associated with a reading, review the reading that covers the major concept
    • Understand how the reading is associated with the slide, and the reading’s key concepts
  • Then look at the quizzes
    • Review the questions and answers to the quizzes
    • Understand where all the answers came from, review those readings
  • Then review the In-Class Exercises
    • If we did it in an exercise, it’s probably important.
    • Focus on topics we emphasized in the Exercises.
  • Then, review your Assignments.
  • Lastly, re-read any readings you didn’t review in the prior study steps.

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