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Weekly Question #7: Complete by November 8

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on November 8. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Here is the question:

What was the biggest challenge in Assignment #4? How did you resolve it?

50 Responses to Weekly Question #7: Complete by November 8

  • The biggest challenge for me is when I tried to visualize my assumption from my data analysis. At first, I found it was hard for my to transfer numbers to pictures, and to make the data easier for the public to perceive. I have to acknowledge that the readers are mainly average people, who might not encounter Tableau or any data analysis tools. Therefore, I used common indicator and easy charts to illustrate my points. I also used related objects of the theme to draw more attention and engage people to read my infographic.

  • The biggest challenge in assignment 4 was the format of the data in excel file. I spent a lot of time to clean the data before creating the visualizations. The example of the format problem is that the date was in the format that I cannot use to create the visualization. Then I need to change them into the right format, which was a very time-consuming process.

  • The biggest challenge for me in the assignment #4 is to put our team together. Most teammates in my team have different spare time, so it is hard to set a group meeting for our team. The way we solve this is to send text to each other, have a online group meeting at night and give the work to every team members. On the last due day, we have a group meeting early of the day, we share the work we did and put them together, we even correct each other’s mistakes to make our work better.

  • The most prominent challenge was trying to find the best approach for counterarguments. As a team, we did eCommerce and us to think outside of the box and understand why people would form their arguments, to begin it. Instead of trying to find the best answer, we directly gathered as much data supporting our thesis and conclusion. For instance, one may argue that people in affluent zip codes order stuff more than not so fortunate people. A counter-argument could be that it’s just coincidental and those people in the less affluent could just be wealthy and bit order as much. Or even is close to a shopping mall and have resources in their reach, so they do not have to rely on the internet. There are lots of ways to go by this, and as a team, we combated these type of issues.

  • The biggest challenge for Assignment 4 was trying to create a visualization of the top selling movies and the worst selling movies, and trying to compare that to their overall budgets. What made this difficult was that the titles of the movies needed to be included, so a large graph with every movie would not have been very effective visually. We created a calculated field using an IIF function but still found that it was a bit hard to look at the visual directly and know what we were looking at. We still were able to see which movies had the highest box office sales, and manually entered their budgets in our summary.

  • The biggest challenge for me was trying to figure out what infographics we had to choose for our visualization. We all tried to go online to various websites to find which infographic would be correct for what we were trying to solve. We decided to create our own infographics by drawing on the paint tool online. We then eventually found out which one we would use for the assignment. It helped a lot that everyone in our group was finding the right one and drawing it out. Eventually, we were resolved it.

  • The biggest challenge in Assignment Four was creating graphs that effectively demonstrated the question my group and I were trying to answer. Sometimes it was difficult to use Tableau properly and make the graphs say what we wanted them to say, but with group collaboration we were able to resolve it. It was also a little difficult to find other real world examples that further exemplified the message we were attempting to send out. However, again with group collaboration, we were able to resolve the issue and implement several successful graphs to be used in the infographic.

  • The biggest challenge in assignment 4 was cleaning data. Many movies are classify into 3 or more genre, it is hard to create visualization I have to classify the genre of the movie and clean usefulness and wrong data. This process cost a lot of time because of the huge amount of data.

  • The biggest challenge in assignment 4 was cleaning the data. Because the movie excel spreadsheet consisted of so much data, there are clearly things to clean up. In order to understand the data in a better way, we had to narrow it down to specifics as well as filtering. This was challenging because cleaning data takes time and effort and it can also become frustrating at times.

  • One of the biggest challenge in assignment 4 was trying to figure out how to start because there were no specific direction or layout of what we should do. All of the in class assignment had a set of directions but for this assignment it was more open. When we all met up to start the assignment the first time, I was confused on what to put in tableau for creating the graph.

  • Our biggest challenge was changing the date format from the database into a computer ready format. I proceeded to write a small node script to take the date as given “MM/DD/YYYY 00:00” and turn it into a regular date format and calculate tye amount of days the package has been on transit. The script is on my google drive, if anyone wants to take a look at it.

  • the biggest challenge in assignment 4 for me is to find weather, times and history event information for the question requirements. At first we were really confusing on how to find the specific information on each requirement called. After that we finally find a way to come up with combining weather and history event together on a website and used it for the assignment.

  • the biggest challenge that was faced was cleaning the data. Each member of the team was assigned a movie category. my category was Horror. i had difficulties cleaning the data because it was so much…categories within categories ( horror and its sub-categories, such as drama, comedy, parody, action ,adventure and much more) i was eventually able to clean it through filter in excel and be productive in my group work.

  • The biggest challenge for me in assignment 4 was crafting the infograph itself. While piktochart made some visual aspects of crafting the infograph easy, it did not have all the tools I would have liked to edit the graphics. Also I struggled in deciding how I should put together the story behind our analysis given the graphs our team had created. My solution was to start with the more abstract graphs and then move into graphs that more specifically answered the question and ended with actionable information.

  • The biggest challenge for me in assignment 4 was cleaning the data on the excel file. I could clean one set of data without messing up another data. I would try to just use data for Drama movies but it would do it for all the movie genres. I found it to be easier to clean the data set on Tableu it self.

  • The biggest challenge for me during assignment 4 was trying create data visualizations in tableau. There were certain visualizations that were easy to construct and supported the points we were trying to make, but as the data got more advance, the construction of visualizations and charts became much more difficult. Also, it was very difficult to construct concise visualizations that directly related to the questions we were trying to answer.

  • The biggest challenge for me during the assignment 4 is to analyze the data professionally and accurately. The challenge my team chose was from Comcast. When dealing with the giant dataset, Excel and Tableau skills are significantly necessary. However, as a newer and a learner of Tableau, I made mistakes and errors during the process. Therefore, it took us a great deal of time to correct possible errors and check the reliability of our analysis. Another challenge is to meet periodically with the team members, the different majors and different schedules we had affect the performance of our infographics.

  • The biggest challenge for me in Assignment #4 is Piktochart is a software which take time to get used to, because the function is limited and not fully convenient. The way we solved this problem was I asked my friend who is more familiar than us on using this technique in order to help us take advantage on Piktochart as much as possible. Also, it was challenged to get every team member agree on a fragment of the design due to different members have various perspectives. Fortunately, one of our member major in Arts & Music who usually has better design thinking and is capable to make a final decision. Furthermore, it was not easy to meet with other team members frequently due to we all in different majors and have different schedules. If we really could not have a group meeting, we just worked separately and tried our best to finish our own work firstly and then met with each other. Therefore, we could combine our work together without changing that much.

  • The biggest challenge in Assignment 4 in my opinion was taking the information that our group found and forming visualizations in Tableau, because we had to figure out what data we would visualize, and how it would it would be relevant. Once those tasks were complete, then it was just a matter of explaining to the readers how the data we provided was relevant, which is much easier.

  • The biggest challenge in assignment 4 was coming up with graphs without any directions given. We weren’t sure how to clean the data and if we were doing it right. We tried all the possible ways until we found the ones that demonstrated the data the best. Other than that, we were pretty fine with our project.

  • the biggest challenge in assignment 4 for me was how to use the data given to answer the questions. in other words, how can I answer the questions by visualizing the data I have. Coming up with the right answers to the questions was the longest part for me. for example, how to use the Pfizer data to answer their questions about the effect of smoking on society.

  • I posted here before, but I guess I forgot to submit haha. My biggest challenge was converting the date format provided in the dataset to a format readable and ready for calculation. To do this I wrote a node script to take care of this. It is a very short script, but it does many nifty things 🙂 I tried to export the result as a JSON file, but Tableou had some issues with JSONs. So I decided to copy the results to an empty excel page. The script made this process very simple.
    The date provided looked something like this: “MM/DD/YYYY 00:00” -> although it makes sense to us, humans, it doesn’t make any sense for a computer. So after turning the strings into a date format, then I calculated the days the package has been in transit. Simple, yet effective.

    Link to the source:

  • The biggest challenge my group encountered while working on Assignment 4 was creating the visualization portion of the project. Creating the graphs also posed a challenge however once we figured out what data sets we wanted to use, the graphs were made. Once we started crafting the infographic it was challenging making the graphs look pleasing. We had to brain storm and decided photoshop was the best option. Once this was done the whole infographic looked better.

  • The biggest challenge for me is making sure a fundamental direction to analyze data. Too many data over there, we spend huge time to choose some data that we think it is useful. And we also try many ways to analyze. But picking up a way that four of us all agree is very difficult. We wast huge time on finding suitable analyze way.

  • The biggest challenge of assignment 4 is to select the useful data. I screened out the bad data and selected the data that could be useful to the problem we tried to solve. And turned the data that I chose to information, and analyzed the information we got. Then we set a threshold to narrow the range of information that should be analyzed.

  • The biggest challenge in the assignment 4 for me is to analyze the data correctly and briefly. It’s would be a totally different result if I can’t tell the information from data in a right way, the audiences would think in a wrong way about the data, then they would never get the true information they want. It’s very important to lead people to really understand the information that comes from the data.

  • The biggest challenge of assignment 4 is to choose the right date to analyze it. Since we have too much data in the website, we cannot choose the best one in a very short time. In addition, there are a lot of wrong data that we cannot use in a directly way, so we should delete those data that will affect our results.

  • The biggest challenge that my group faced when doing assignment 4 was understanding the objective of the assignment. We had no clue how to start because we did not know where we were suppose to end. Another thing that we struggled with was knowing all the small details of excel and tableau. Sometimes we would think of an idea but we did not know how to execute them. these where the main problems that my group faced.

  • The biggest challenge that my group faced was not knowing what the objective of the assignment was. We had an idea of what we had to do, but we did not know where we were supposed to end. Another thing that we struggled with was how with was how to do some of the things in excel and tableau. We knew what we wanted to do but we had trouble figuring out how to do it. These were the main problems that my group struggled with.

  • It sounds kind of silly, but our groups biggest challenge was trying to figure out what exactly the professor was looking for considering this assignment didn’t come with a straight guideline. This was more of an open ended assignment which allowed the class to have freedom in how their assignment was constructed, which can be fun, however, it can also make the project a little more stressful because you don’t know if you’re giving the professor what they’re looking for or if you are not doing something right. So I think that was the biggest challenge for our group.

  • One of the biggest challenges for me was deciphering which data to use and how to use it. Since a lot of data was missing it was important for me to try and keep the analysis as unbiased as possible with the numbers we were given to ensure a good read on our information.

  • The biggest problem in assignment 4 was trying to navigate through the data and determining what need to be used and when, along with if certain parts of the given data needed to be cleaned. To resolve this problem we experimented with many different ideas, something like trial and error until we came up with what we found to be the best way to go about it.

  • The biggest challenge for me on assignment 4 was figuring out what to do with the data given. It was tough to decide what we wanted to create on a graph with the data given. We resolved this problem by thoroughly looking through and cleaning the data to determine how we wanted to show our charts.

  • The biggest challenge I faced doing Assignment #4 was I didn’t know what was going on!

  • The biggest challenge our group faced during assignment 4 was coming up with good graphics. To fix the problem we first eliminated outliers from the graphs by excluding them. Next we created a calculated field to further how good the graph was at displaying our desired information.

  • The biggest challenge for me was how to use the given data to answer the questions and then use the tableau to create the visualization.

  • The hardest part of Assignment 4 was figuring out a general plan when starting out. Going through all of the available data and determining which sets were most important proved to be difficult. This especially made it difficult to figure out a plan for how we wanted to present the information later on.

  • The biggest challenge was knowing specifically what to use and cleaning up the data. It was very time consuming and honestly, it should’ve been the only assignment for the class, at least the first half. All the lessons we learned could’ve been applied to this one assignment and it would’ve definitely helped us understand it more. The issue as to why I didn’t really know what to do is because the in-class assignments tell us exactly what to do instead of actually learning what we’re doing.

  • The biggest challenge in assignment 4 was figuring out how to make our graphics clear. Tableau is a software that we’re all still trying to get the hang of so it wasn’t easy to translate the questions into graphics. Eventually we came together and figured out a way to make our graphics represent the questions we were answering. It was all about team work by the end of the project.

  • For me and my group we found that the hardest part of assignment four was creating an infographic. We struggled to use the website Piktochart that we had worked on previously in class during one of the in-class exercises. We found it hard to make graphs and other graphics on the site itself and and had to end up importing graphs from Tableau that stuck out visually and did not fit the color schemes or themes of the rest of the info graphics.

  • The biggest challenge for Assignment 4 was finding a starting point. Unlike other assignments where there are alinear paths of progression in which steps must be completed to reach the end of the assignment, this assignment had a large degree of “freedom” to interpret how one should proceed. This resulted in an early disruption to our group on how to proceed and what to address.

  • The biggest challenge in Assignment 4 was finding a good way to portray the graphs made in Tableau on an infographic. Visualizing the data in a clear and understandable, all while telling a story was difficult. We used picktochart to ultimately display our charts and graphs, which were created using Tableau. We used an assortment of different graphs and shapes that clearly showed the data.

  • The biggest challenge in assignment 4 was finding sources for some of our write ups. We knew what we wanted to say, however without proper sources backing that information up it would be impossible. So we spent time finding sources. Im sure other group members have other things to say that they thought was the biggest challenge. We spread responsibilities across the group so everyone was responsible for their own part.

  • The most difficult part of Assignment #4 was to divide the work among the group to become the most efficient. By determining everyone’s strengths and weaknesses we were bale to divvy up the work in a way that got it done quickly and well, but the process of deciding all this was rather difficult.

  • Cleaning the dataset. It was probably 75% of the project time. The only way to resolve said problem is just doing it. Looking at inconsistencies and outliers

  • The biggest challenge is to use the Piktochart design. Because it takes a lot of time to look for the proper background and section to correspond our team topic. Also, I need to select the best color for the background.

    • One of the biggest issues we faced was deciphering all of the data. There was a huge amount of data which contained multiple errors and it was very difficult to pick my way through. Once the data was deciphered it went off without a hitch, but this initial challenge was very tough to overcome.

  • One of the biggest issues we had was just trying to figure out what to do. When we did figure out what to do, getting the right kind of chart was difficult. We eventually figured it out and it turned out to be not that hard. As a group we thought we had to make a poster on piktograph. When we found out that we didnt need that either, the assignment was okay.

  • The biggest challenge in assignment 4 is cleaning data.Because there are lots of dirty data in the database, I had to spend much time to clean the dirty data or uncompleted data. I use filtrate and sort button to find the dirty data and clean the data.

  • the biggest challenge while doing assignment #4 was probably formatting/cleaning all the data. Also figuring out would be the best data to compare to get the best results.

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