Section 002, Instructor: Sezgin Ayabakan

Assignment 5: Final (Group) Project DUE Dec 4

Here are the assignment instructionsThe assignment is due December 4. We’ll do the presentations on Monday and Wednesday.

This is a GROUP project so you may not do this assignment on your own or in smaller groups than 3. We can use the groups we set earlier for Assignment 4 but we can make slight modifications in group memberships. Please email me if you want to change your group. Here is an earlier snapshot of our teams and their members:

Presentation Date Team Name Member1 Member2 Member3 Member4 Member5 Member6
Dec 4 – Monday Fab Five Zack S. Subin L. Jack A. Sean F. Jake Z.
Dec 4 – Monday Team 1 Erin B. Will M. Zaur B. Vignesh S. Bafode K.  Kiba K.
Dec 4 – Monday The Mighty Ducks Kalen A. Brandon G. Paul O.
Dec 4 – Monday 404 Chengye H. Zihao P. Xiaohan S. Zhongzheng S.
Dec 4 – Monday S.A.R.W. Sarah M. Amjad T. Ryan N. Will B.
Dec 4 – Monday TBD Philip M. Melissa N. Shayna B. Christia E.
Dec 4 – Monday Datanova Hanyu S. Ziliang Z. Tianyun L.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Temple Elites Jinzhao Z. Zeiwei W. Yan C.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Four’s Company Ian B. Brandon M. William K.  Andrew K.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Chill Lihong R. Shuting H. Khoa N.  Joshua M.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Poland Spring Christopher B. Dominic E. Nhi N. Hayden T. Chavisa A.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Sezgin’s Sauce Kieran B. Seth D. Janea J. Andrew K. Stanley L. Aislan L.
Dec 6 – Wednesday New Team Minyoung O. Jose R. Matt T.

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