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Sezgin Ayabakan

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Exam review session canceled

Dear All,

I am very sad to announce that our review session that was going to hosted by our ITA Prince is cancelled due to his absence. I apologize on behalf him. I’m in South Korea for our annual international comference now and this is the best I could do.

Please go ahead and watch our last review session that was held last Friday.



Final Exam will be on Dec 15 between 1 and 2pm.

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that our final exam will take place on Dec 15 Friday at 1pm. You will have 1 hour to complete the exam and it will be in our regular classroom–Alter 232. See the schedule of final exams from this link.

Study hard and get some great scores from this very final exam! It was my great pleasure to be your instructor this semester. Good luck to you all!


Assignment 5: Final (Group) Project DUE Dec 4

Here are the assignment instructionsThe assignment is due December 4. We’ll do the presentations on Monday and Wednesday.

This is a GROUP project so you may not do this assignment on your own or in smaller groups than 3. We can use the groups we set earlier for Assignment 4 but we can make slight modifications in group memberships. Please email me if you want to change your group. Here is an earlier snapshot of our teams and their members:

Presentation Date Team Name Member1 Member2 Member3 Member4 Member5 Member6
Dec 4 – Monday Fab Five Zack S. Subin L. Jack A. Sean F. Jake Z.
Dec 4 – Monday Team 1 Erin B. Will M. Zaur B. Vignesh S. Bafode K.  Kiba K.
Dec 4 – Monday The Mighty Ducks Kalen A. Brandon G. Paul O.
Dec 4 – Monday 404 Chengye H. Zihao P. Xiaohan S. Zhongzheng S.
Dec 4 – Monday S.A.R.W. Sarah M. Amjad T. Ryan N. Will B.
Dec 4 – Monday TBD Philip M. Melissa N. Shayna B. Christia E.
Dec 4 – Monday Datanova Hanyu S. Ziliang Z. Tianyun L.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Temple Elites Jinzhao Z. Zeiwei W. Yan C.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Four’s Company Ian B. Brandon M. William K.  Andrew K.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Chill Lihong R. Shuting H. Khoa N.  Joshua M.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Poland Spring Christopher B. Dominic E. Nhi N. Hayden T. Chavisa A.
Dec 6 – Wednesday Sezgin’s Sauce Kieran B. Seth D. Janea J. Andrew K. Stanley L. Aislan L.
Dec 6 – Wednesday New Team Minyoung O. Jose R. Matt T.

Regular Class Capture Links

Session 1.1 – Aug 28 Mon

Session 1.2 – Aug 30 Wed

Session 1.3 – Sep 01 Fri

Session 2.1 – Sep 06 Wed

Session 2.2 – Sep 08 Fri

Session 3.1 – Sep 11 Mon

Session 3.2 – Sep 13 Wed

Session 3.3 – Sep 15 Fri

Session 4.1 – Sep 18 Mon

Session 4.2 – Sep 20 Wed

Session 4.3 – Sep 22 Fri

Session 5.1 – Sep 25 Mon

Session 5.2 – Sep 27 Wed

Session 5.3 – Sep 29 Fri

Session 6.1 – Oct 02 Mon

Session 6.2 – Oct 04 Wed

Session 6.3 – Oct 06 Fri – Exam 1

Session 7.1 – Oct 09 Mon 

Session 7.2 – Oct 11 Wed

Session 7.3 – Oct 13 Fri

Session 8.1 – Oct 16 Mon

Session 8.2 – Oct 18 Wed

Session 8.3 – Oct 20 Fri

Session 9.1 – Oct 23 Mon

Session 9.2 – Oct 25 Wed

Session 9.3 – Oct 27 Fri

Session 10.1 – Oct 30 Mon

Session 10.2 – Nov 1 Wed

Session 10.3 – Nov 3 Fri – Exam 2

Session 11.1 – Nov 6 Mon

Session 11.2 – Nov 8 Wed

Session 11.3 – Nov 10 Fri

Session 12.1 – Nov 13 Mon

Session 12.2 – Nov 15 Wed

Session 12.3 – Nov 17 Fri

Session 13.1 – Nov 27 Mon

Session 13.2 – Nov 29 Wed

Session 13.3 – Dec 1 Fri


Weekly Question #10: Complete by Dec 6

Leave your response to the question below as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on December 6. It only needs to be three or four sentences.

What was the most important takeaway (from your perspective) from this course? If you had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course was about, what would you say?

Weekly Question #9: Complete by November 29

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on November 29. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Leave a post about your group project:

  1. What is the subject of your group project?
  2. Which of your fellow scholars are in your group?

Only one group member has to make the post (only one post per group), but for your other group members to get credit they need to be mentioned in the post.

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