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Weekly Question #9: Complete by November 16

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on November 16.

Leave a post about your group project:

  1. What is the subject of your group project?
  2. Which of your fellow scholars are in your group?

Only one group member has to make the post (only one post per group), but for your other group members to get credit they need to be mentioned in the post.

13 Responses to Weekly Question #9: Complete by November 16

  • 1. The subject of our group project is “University Data Analysis”.
    We feel data from universities is easily accessible because these businesses tend to brag a lot with statistics such as job placement rates, acceptance rates, retention rates, etc. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of such data will be possible and effective.

    2. Group members: Dan Moy, Anne Lin, Jeevan Jaganath, Henry Fok

  • 1.) The subject of our group project is about how women’s and men’s professional soccer varies in popularity and why this is the case.
    2.) Group members: Caroline Doyle, Graceanne LeNoir, Tom Hess, and Alexa Lessard.

  • The subject of our project is looking at NBA allstars, like over the past few years, and looking at those allstars measurement at there rookie predraft combine and seeing if certain factors in measurements can predetermine an all star, or at least boost their chances.

    Group Members: Myself (Julien Bombara), Sayem Rahman, Kaoi Peixoto, and Nicholas Napolitan

  • 1. Relationship between police positioning with the crime rate
    2. Kendall Jones, Devisha Walia, Nalah Clark

  • 1. Our subject will be a comparison between the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies and 2008 Tampa Bay Rays
    2. Joseph Benvenuto, Nick Tarducci, Joseph Rovnan, Ryan Stifnell and Will McAndrews

  • 1. The subject for our group project will be focused on “Vaccines”. We will focus on whether or not they’re still useful in todays day and age, including their benefits and risks that come along with them.
    2. Group members: Melanie Mathew, Paula Cuerquis, Alyssa Laufer, Lindsey Sumi, and Dalal Muatan

  • 1. Are NFL pocket quarterbacks more successful than NFL running quarterbacks?
    2. Alex Brennan, Zachary Kressler, Robert Snyder, Jonathan Ganon

  • 1. Social media trends over time
    2. Brianna Morales, Michael Vidra, Grace Stuart, Mariah Tulaney, Hussain Alshola

  • 1. Our subject is Health/Wellness across different neighborhoods in Philadelphia
    2. Kacie Rettew, Cassidy Lorenz, Dalton Veight, Nick Thull

  • 1. Our subject will be the comparison between the different type of crimes people are jailed for in Philadelphia.
    2. Jose Gil, Chongxin Zhao, Amanda Barnabie, Dmitriy Summovskiy, Justin Waters.

  • 1. Our subject is the success of different Philadelphia stadiums.
    2. Briana Vetter, Jillian Thompson, Glen Diener, Josh Ogg

  • 1. For our subject we will be looking at the Indego bike share trips and comparing the usage of the bikes in the summer months compared to the winter months.
    2. Danielle Redman, Summer Holmes, Xiaoyu Liang, Hasan Husain

  • 1. Our subject is comparing the in-game performance of the Cleveland cavaliers vs the golden state warriors.
    2. Zeke Menke, Bob McPeake, Nadir Munir, Joseph Pavelick

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