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Weekly Question #11: Complete by November 30

Leave your response to the question below as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on November 30. It only needs to be three or four sentences.

What was the most important takeaway (from your perspective) from this course? If you had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course was about, what would you say?

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  • I think the most important takeaway from this course would be how important data is and how data should be analyzed plus visualized. I think learning how to use Tableau was an important takeaway as it could be something I could offer to potential employers as a skill. If I had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course is about, I would say is that data is everywhere and in this class your learn why its so important. As an MIS major, I believe this course is a better introduction to MIS than MIS2101 and you actually learn more in a sense of using data to understand it and make decisions.

  • I think the most important takeaway from this course was learning that data is everywhere and is relevant to us in many ways. If I had to explain this course to someone else I would say it teaches students how to find, sort, and analyze data to make it resourceful for others. For example, using the data collected and putting it into Tableau tot create a visual representation of the data that makes it easier to understand. Another important part of this course was learning how to utilize data when making critical decisions.

  • Personally, the biggest takeaway from this class is how important data is. Data can be used in so many different ways for so many different things which is why it is necessary to have correct and clean data. MIS0855 is a course that teaches you some of the many things you can do with data. This class makes you familiar with excel and Tableau which is something that many people do not fully understand how to operate. This class is very hands on having in-class activities that help with assignments and projects that you have to do in class.

  • In my opinion, the most important takeaway from this course is learning how to analyze data. We must first be careful of what data we choose, know how to clean that data, and finally know how to derive information and knowledge from data. This course has taught me all of these steps, and how to use tools such as Tableau and Excel to do so. If I was explaining to a future student of the course, I would say this course is all about how we can extract useful information from data, and in doing so it teaches you how to use helpful tools including Tableau and Excel.

  • I think the most important takeaway from this course is the hands on experience of analyzing and cleaning data. The softwares we used in the course actually taught me how to make use of the topics we learned throughout the course and gave me the ability to apply the stuff we learned. I am now able to use Tableau, Excel, and Piktochart because this course taught me a lot about each of them.

  • The most important for any student to get from this course is know how to analyze the data. the students get to know which data is useable to make a study such the income for company from certain product.The other part is by collecting data and make a great visualization with number to any public audience for convenient understanding of the information in very short time.

  • The biggest takeaway from this course is how important it is to analyze data and finding errors in data. I would tell someone that this course teaches you how to sort, clean, and use data in Excel and Tableau. Also, how you would transform data into useful infographics.

  • I think what I learned the most from this course was how to properly clean data, analyze it, and effectively display it to an audience. There is a lot that goes into analyzing data and I believe the course taught me the basics of analyzing data. Although it is a very complicated process the course broke it down so that it was easy to learn and understand and I can confidently say I can clean, sort, and display data proficiently which is a valuable skill to have in 2017.

  • I think that the most important takeaway from MIS0855 is that data is everywhere. This data can be dirty data, also known as data that contains errors. Even though data can be dirty, it is still everywhere we look and affects everything we do. If I were to explain to a future MIS student what this course is about, I would say that the course is all about understand how to find data, understand it, and make further analysis on the data. As an MIS major, I would definitley recommend this course becuase I thought the class was very well taught with many hands-on, in-class activities which really emerges students into the world of data.

  • The most important takeaway for me from this class, is realizing that even things you don’t think are data, are in fact data and since we are surrounded by data, it is important to realize the good from the bad, and how to handle it. In addition, the course helped me figure out how to, not only realize data, but how to use and predict from data. If i had to describe the course to someone, I would say this course was about locating and using data in a way to benefit ones self, either by knowing how to formulate data for easy structure and visual, or to be able to use pass data to find correlation in order t predict a future outcome.

  • I think the most important takeaway for me from this course is that data is literally everywhere, and there are multiple different ways to fix, analyze, interpret, and visualize data. If I had to explain to someone what MIS 0855 was about, I’d tell them the course first introduces you to the different types of data and then continues to teach you how to interpret and manipulate data. You learn to differentiate between good and bad data, and then learn how to fix bad data, as well as how to put the data into visualizations for a better understanding of the story the data is trying to tell.

  • I think the most important takeaway from this class is how to analyze the data. This class allowed me to change my perspective on how I viewed data. Just by looking at a graph I can identify the good and bad data charts. It taught me how to use excel thoroughly, and change minor data features that I didn’t know before.

  • I believe the most important takeaway from this course is understanding how much data is out there flowing around. It is important for us to know what do to with all this raw data. Being able to analyze, interpret, and visualize data makes every possible thing easier in life. This class is about learning hands on experience with technology and data tools. You will learn how to make your life ten times easier if you have a handful of data.

  • The most important thing I took away from this course was the understanding that their is different types of data, and different ways in which data is handled. It is important to grasp the breakdown of analyzing, visualizing and clarifying data, because these steps allow people to better comprehend the data that is being presented to them. Prior to this course, I did not fully know what data science was. This class has taught me a great deal about the importance of data as well as the behind the scenes process in which data scientist go through to bring that data to life.

  • The most important takeaway from this course is that data is everywhere. Before really learning about data in depth, you don’t realize how much data surrounds you on a day-to-day basis, but it really is everywhere and people are always analyzing it whether they want to or not. In my opinion, gaining hard skills within actual data analysis/visualization programs like Tableau and Excel went along great with the course. It’s one thing to just understand what data is and the different types, but its better to be able to use tools to help you analyze it better and see what it means visually. If I had to explain the content of this course, I would say it is really learning about data in general including the different types, where you can find it, cleaning it and being able to figure out ways to visually represent it within programs like Excel and Tableau.

  • The most important takeaway from this course is that we can have insights about anything when we have data about it. We can do almost anything from data as long as we are using the right tools and the right techniques. The way I would explain what this course is about to future MIS0855 is that this course is teaching them how to work with raw data, how to make sense about them and how to benefits from the data.

  • I think the most important takeaway from this course is that data is literally everywhere and being able to actively sort and analyze data is something future employers are going to want from their employees/new hires. In this class, I learned that there are so many insights that you can pull from data and that those insights are crucial in any and every work environment. Before this class, I didn’t realize how dependent my future career path was in data analytics and how often I actually encounter and use data every day. For future students, this class essentially teaches you the importance of big data, why it’s relevant and applicable and how you can sort, analyze and display big data. It’s your first introductory course in properly sorting raw data and teaches you how to, essentially, read data to produce insights.

  • This biggest takeaway from this course, for me, is that data is everywhere, and is in every aspect of society. Every major should not how to find data, clean data, and analyze it. Having this skill set will come handy in your everyday life. If I were to explain this class to another student, I would tell them the course shows you data in its simplest and most complex forms, and by the end of the course, you will know how to handle both. It’s an introductory course that will prepare you for other courses, and not just MIS ones.

  • I believe that the most important takeaway from this course that I personally took away was that how important data really is, whether it is big or small. It’s everywhere, and you really can’t miss it. This course has made more aware of the type of data out there, and how each little detail matters within a set. The skills that were learned in this class, are something definitely that will help a lot of people in their future careers, and the skills acquired in this class will be also very helpful. I knew some small things about data before this class, but I never knew how to analyze it, break it down, separate it with the different program offered. So this class has really helped me understand some of the concepts I originally believed to be difficult. Overall, I think having this class will be helpful to me, and to everyone else who has the ability to take it.

  • My biggest takeaway from this course is the importance of data. With us being a business school no matter what major, the one thing we all use and rely on is data, so it was very valuable to better understand the logic behind it and how to interpret it. I would say analyzing data is definitely a challenge for most people without a technological background. However, MIS 0855 broke it down so well into terms that I was able to enhance my prior knowledge to data. I learned so much more when I look at data from this course.

  • I think the most important takeaway from this class was how important data is and how to clean it properly and analyze it. Data can be viewed in so many different ways, so it’s really important to make sure the data is displayed correctly and shown to the audience in the proper way, whether it is in an infographic or a table or any other display. Also, it is really important to make sure the data is not dirty because that can skew all of the data and someone’s opinion of the data. In this case, the data will not be correctly displayed and the people looking at the data will be misinformed. I would say this course is about how to properly extract and analyze data and then how to use the data the display to our audience.

  • I think the most important takeaway for this class for me was the importance of cleaning data and using Tableau. So many companies have such an abundance of data out there that they don’t know what to do with. Taking the idea of cleaning the data and making it into useful information is something that many companies are looking for these days, and I think that skill will be very useful in the future. On top of that, I had no experience with Tableau so that is something I am going to take and use with my career in the future. Tableau is an excellent program to demonstrate how you can manipulate data into useful information, and I am happy to have learned the basics of it.

  • My most important takeaway from this class was just to see how much data affects our day to day lives more than i have ever imagined. Obviously i understand the huge part technology plays in our lives, especially when compared to other generations, but data can tell such a telling picture about our past, present and future. If i had to explain what this course was about, i would say it enlightens you on the future of companies and shows you realistic applications of what we are learning. Sometimes classes may seem dull and boring because we can never perceive to understand how this applies to our future, but with this we can see data being used in our everyday lives.

  • The biggest takeaway from this class is the limitless there is to data. Throughout the year I have learned what can be done with data using Tableau, filtering data in excel, creating a piktochart, and much more. There is so much that can be done with it. What I would say to a future student is this course will expand your mindset of what you can do with numbers. Your entire life you have seen simple excel sheets, bar graphs, and other charts containing data, but this course digs deeper and goes more in depth in the world of using and interpreting data.

  • I think the most important takeaway from this course is how important data visualizations are. Not only is it important to gather and analyze data correctly, you must also represent the data properly. Data visualizations, through many different softwares, convey messages plain text simply cannot. This class showed me just how important data visualizations are and supplied me knowledge and skills I can use throughout my professional career.

  • The most important takeaway from this course for me was the importance of data and analyzing it correctly. Learning how to properly handle large amounts of data will definitely be helpful to me in the future, especially learning how to use Tableau and improving my Excel skills. Data visualizations are useful in so many ways and knowing the best ways to clearly and concisely present information is a very important skill.

  • I think the biggest takeaway from this course is just how quickly and drastically our world is moving toward data. Data is the future of not just the business world, but society at large, with large amounts of data being taken from social media, Google searches, reviews, etc. Data is an incredible indicator and predictor for success for companies. It’s more than a decision making tool, it’s the sole basis of most decisions in a successful work environment. Similarly, data is nothing unless interpreted in useful ways. Programs like Excel, Tableau, and many others provide us with interesting ways at looking at data and interpreting it. This course is really good at highlighting the importance of data visualization as not only a practical use for data, but also as a creative one too. I know that my career and many of my peers’ careers will be defined and shaped by data.

  • I think the biggest takeaway from this event is that data is the amount of ways that we can analyze data. Just by using Tableau and Excel, we were able to learn that there are many different ways that we can interpret the data, as well as visualizing it. Another thing I learned was how complicated data can get. The best example of this was the cleaning data assignment, how when the data set is too large to go through, there are many ways to manipulate the data to get more accurate answers. There are lots of people who look at a data set and do not know what to do with it, and this class does a terrific job on teaching students what you can do with a dataset.

  • I think the biggest take away from the course is different ways to analyze data. For me personally, I was able to work with excel more on the data side. There are other courses at Fox that introduce to excel, however this was honestly the most helpful course for what I am trying to accomplish in my career. I was introduced to Tableau, which is a very helpful application for analyzing data. I will definitely being using Tableau in the future. Honestly every business major should take this course as their Gen ED science class.

  • For newer students, unfamiliar with what data science means, the most important thing about the course that they should understand is that data is almost everywhere, and it is all connected. I think whether or not said student ends up as a business major or not to critically think about data, its connections between itself, and to draw conclusions from a set of info are all invaluable skills that any future employee should have. This course is primarily about data and making useful connections from it.

  • My most important takeaway from this course would definitely be being able to apply what we learn in class to topics that mean something to me personally. I feel like once you take what we learn in Data Science outside of the classroom and into real life with real life things, it shows that you truly understand the work. If I had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course is about, I would say that it’s about understanding everything about data: what data actually is, different types of data, what and how it can be used, and then applying all of that to real life things, because data is everywhere.

  • To me, the most important thing I have taken from this class was the ability to visualize data and present it in an effective way. This course should be viewed as not only being able to analyze data, but also being able to show it to an audience. This course also allows students to dive into current issues with data analysis and understand the slang behind some terms used by IT specialists. Finally, this course does a phenomenal job of breaking down terms and applications of big data and allows for a complete understanding of each element of data.

  • The most important thing that I can take away from this class was learning how to use Tableau and visualize data. Before this class I have never heard of the software Tableau. The only software that I used for data before this was Excel, and I must say Tableau is a much better way to display data. Now that I have learned about Tableau I can use it for other classes in the future to give my work a better appearance. This class allows students to understand everything about data, from what data is all the way to working with different types of data. It taught me how important data can be and how the smallest errors can give you bad data. This class taught me the data is all around us and everywhere you go there is some type of data.

  • The most important takeaway I received from this class is the importance of checking your data. There are several instances when data is dirty and it can make a large impact on the information someone is trying to develop. If I had to explain what the course was about to a future student I would tell them that it is about data, to say the least. You learn about the different ways in which data can be utilized and you learn how to actually utilize it in those ways.

  • I think that the most important takeaway from this class is learning how to analyze and visualize data using Tableau. Working with data an cleaning it is really important as well. If I had to explain this course to someone I would explain it as that this course is all about data. It allows students how to work with the data all the way from cleaning them till visualizing.

  • The most important takeaway for me is just the realization of how important it can be to not only be able to analyze data but be able to take that data and be able to visualize it and present it in an effective way. This class gives you a good understanding of what data is and the different ways you can use that data and apply it to every day things, which can be very useful to companies and knowing how to be able to analyze data will be a huge advantage when it comes time applying for jobs.

  • The most important takeaway from this class is how valuable data is for companies and how important insights can be made to benefit both the companies and consumers. The emphasis of utilizing programs to turn data into knowledge will be useful skills in the this age of big data and information overload. Tableau and excel were effective tools when analyzing data and obtaining key insights and it seems professionals are still reliant on these programs for data analysis based on the articles read throughout the class. Although qualitative analysis has it complexities, I wish the course focused more on it and went into deeper detail about qualitative analysis since it seems to be a skill high in demand.

  • The most meaningful part of this course is learning about how to properly manage and analyze data because there are so many ways that it can become dirty. Learning how to watch out for these simple ways to ruin a data analysis is something that you can use in the future when you actually work with a data set. This course primarily consists of current news about data management, learning how to analyze data and conceptual understandings of working with data.Overall this course is very introductory but understanding the conceptual aspects of data and the basic ways of working with data in tableau can prepare you for more complex analyzations.

  • I’m a psych student, and I know the data is very important part of the research study. and before this course, I had a statistic course, but there have some differences between those two courses. The most important thing I learned of this course is how to use Excel and Tableau. I will recommend this course to future students, I will say this course will help you not just in the college, but for the whole career after yours graduated.

  • The most important takeaway from this class was developing your data analysis skills to a software called Tableau. Being able to intergrade and certain data sets that may be dirty or clean into the program and finding different ways to look at it. Another big takeaway is, how much data is used in our everyday lives but we don’t realize it because it may not be in number sets.

  • The biggest take away from this course was the exposure we got to Microsoft Excel and the applications of data in our world today. Most of us will need to use Excel on a daily basis in our future jobs to it is important we got to work with spreadsheets in this class to get familiar with the program. Also, This class provided a detailed overview of all the uses of data that are used which is so important because technology is becoming such a huge part of our world.

  • This course taught me that data is everywhere and that are many different ways in which that data can be analyzed. One main takeaway with this is that when analyzing data it is important to make sure that the information within your data set is correct and that there are no mistakes. This ensures that the data does not become “dirty”. In addition, when displaying visuals about your data, for instance, using a pie chart or bar graph, it is important to use the appropriate visual. By doing this, the audience will be able to fully understand the message you are trying to convey with that data.

  • The biggest take away I got form this class would be learning how to use programs like Excel and Tableau. I have not used either of these software’s before and this class was a great introduction. I think these skills are important because these software’s allow us to work with the data and use the data for productive purposes.

  • The biggest thing that I got from this class was the tableau skills. I do not have a lot of hard skills so this was a very important thing for me to pick up. I also just have a better understanding of data now an the role it plays in our daily lives. I think these two things combined have helped me prepare for the future even more.

  • The biggest take away I got from this course would be the lessons we learned about practical applications of data and how to use excel and tableau. I took the MIS class required for my major and hated the professor and subject and got a low grade, but I thought that it was a decent subject so I took this elective the next semester. I can honestly say I learned more useful tools in this class than I did in the big MIS class and the online Excel course we are forced to take. I would’ve taken this class just to learn tableau alone but ended up learning useful tips on how to be more efficient in Excel as well.

  • I think the most important takeaway from this course would have to be learning how to use Tableau past a beginner’s level. I recently interviewed for a company and I could tell that having Tableau on my resume was a good sign. Im really glad I learned about how to manipulate data, as well.

  • The most important takeaway from this course for me was the usage of Tableau. I heard a lot about this data visualization software but I never really used it. This class helped me learn this software. This course also helped me brush up my excel data manipulation skills.

  • Although this class was a gen ed for me I learned a lot of stuff that is important in my major. As a communications a major, we look at a lot of data when creating advertisements or when finding out information about a brand. The most important take away from this class is having clean data. Before this course I kind of just assumed that if data was created by a reputable source than it was correct. I now know how to go through any data set, small or large, and how to clean it and make it valid for use.

  • Although for me this class was a gen ed, I learned a far amount. I would say I improved my technical skills, I learned a lot about tableau and excel which are important skills to learn. That is what I would say as the most important takeaway from this class is the knowledge of how to use this programs. This programs are very useful skills to have in the business world and can help a lot on resumes.

  • I would have to say that the biggest takeaway from MIS0855 is the importance of data and its applications. For instance, raw data is useless unless you organize it, clean it, and make use of it. I learned how to display data in this class from using softwares such as Tableau and Excel.

  • The biggest take away i learned from MIS 0855 is using discovering another database application other than excel or acess
    Tableu comes in handy and makes visual presentation looks better

  • Most important takeaway was understanding data from a business perspective and how it can be skewed to fool the audience. Also learning Tableau was valuable.

  • I think learning how to use tableau was my best and most important takeaway. I am an MIS major, so i knew a lot of the topics that we discussed about data. However, I knew nothing about Tableau before this class and I learned that it is very useful.

  • The biggest takeaway from this class was how important it is to have clean data for a proper analysis. I think learning how to use tableau to create a visualization for the data is important and relevant to everyone regardless of what their majors are. This course taught me how to look at data and clean it so the results are not skewed, then turn it into visualizations that are easy for audiences to interpret.

  • The most important takeaway from this class would be how to analyze data and that data analyses can be skewed. How to clean data and look for errors was also useful. This class showed me that it is important to know how to view/analyze data no matter what field you go into.

  • I would say that the most important takeaway from this class is that, generally speaking,” it’s not all about the numbers” – meaning that while data in and of itself is powerful and plenty, the analysis of data is even more important. For data to be able to engage an audience and make persuasive arguments, it must be organized, clearly evaluated, and appealingly visualized with precision. I would say this class is all about understanding how to approach big data sets from the start. It is focused on learning: how to ensure the quality of data being used in analysis, how to best measure and compare specific pieces of data, and how to present findings in a way that fully explains the illustrated data and makes a coherent point by telling the data’s “story”.

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