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Weekly Question #3: Complete by February 9, 2017

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on February 9, 2017. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

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In your opinion, what was the most important takeaway from Brian Long’s talk on Thursday? What did you learn about the way big data is used by mobile advertising companies? Relate your observation to the class material if you can.  If you did not attend class you cannot answer this question and this will be the question that you can miss without penalty.

37 Responses to Weekly Question #3: Complete by February 9, 2017

  • On of the most important takeaways I learned from Brian’s talk was that it is important to develop and innovate, but its also very important to be able to market it and convince others it’s a useful tool. I was amazed at the price in which twitter bought his startup and while it can be attributed to the development and innovation itself I was equally impressed with their ability to convince a giant like twitter of the usefulness of his startup. In retrospect mobile re-targeting seems like an easy sell now because everyone does it. However, at the time it was significantly less popular and convincing twitter to make a hundred million dollar risk is very impressive.

  • One takeaway is that big data is used to compile information to target ads to specific users. The people collecting the data do not necessarily care about the person’s personal information, but their habits online (i.e. – what they like to look at, buy, sites they visit often, etc.). The main goal is to retarget, or get people to view a site or product as a result of an ad they’ve seen. Ad companies bid on open slots on websites to get their ads displayed and hopefully attract more consumers.

  • After listening to Brian’s talk, I learned a lot about big data in a real life situations. I thought it was really interesting what he was talking about with Groupon and how his company worked with them. I think the concept of companies tracking your data, and being able to use the sites you visit and the places you go to specialize their ads and commercials to you is a very big part of how they get to make money, and relate and connect to their audiences.
    I am not surprised by how much they go paid for this company because it is extremely important for the marketing of products.

  • It was very interesting to hear from Brian about his company and how he sold his start up company to twitter. He talked about different tools available in the internet such as Group on, Amazon how customer receive advertisement. I never thought the amount of data that companies uses in advertisement. It was very helpful to understand how re targeting works as well and how it has a big influence to the customers

  • Brian surprised me with how much time and preparation he put in to launching his start up with Twitter and it actually interested me I was talking to someone who knew so much about mobile targeting especially being that he worked with a social media website that I visit a lot. Brian helped me understand why data is important to sell in advertisements because it gives readers and costumers a look into what they are signing up for and how the “product” is used.

  • The presentation Brian gave us was very interesting. I had never heard of the real time auctioning and how it works is pretty amazing. Brian’s talk was very in depth which it had to be because it was the same presentation he used to sell his company to twitter. I had always wondered how something i just viewed on a different site was now an add on a different website and now i know that its not just based of cookies. The presentation showed us how to really become successful with a startup.

  • I think the most important takeaway from Brian’s talk is that there is a way to work and understand big data. In addition there is a way to capitalize on consumer data. I learned that by using customer data you are able to specialize advertisements towards individuals. Through mobile advertising companies can make a profit and meet the needs of consumers.

  • One takeaway is that big data is used to compile information to target ads to specific users. The people collecting the data do not necessarily care about the person’s personal information, but their habits online (i.e. – what they like to look at, buy, sites they visit often, etc.). The main goal is to retarget, or get people to view a site or product as a result of an ad they’ve seen. Ad companies bid on open slots on websites to get their ads displayed and hopefully attract more consumers.

  • One of the takeaway that I can learn from Brian Long’s talk on Thursday is that big data can be be used to display ads, which relates to the user’s preference. Big data is especially useful for marketers to promote their products through ads and it also helps the ads itself works well. I can now address my own question why I search some products on Google but the related ads about the product keep popping up on my facebook. In addition, I pretty like the information he gives about mobile deep linking. when user clicks the ads on app, instead of leading user right to the app, an URL will appear and direct user to a specific location within an app -> drives user engagement

  • Brian Long’s talk on Thursday helped me realize the relevance of innovation and understand that big data is used in various manners. I thought it was interesting how he pointed out the various ways to target consumers via big data.It was pretty incredible to see how much twitter bought his start up company for. Overall, I think I learned that big data was used more than I thought for marketing and thus helpful to big mobile companies.

  • One takeaway that i got from Brian is that big data is everywhere. In addition, companies used big data to predict and evaluate user preference. The way marketer target crowds is from big data using it allow them to predict success rate for mobile application. He allowed us to understand how a startup is able to connect with it user and make everyday decisions.

  • It was interesting to hear Brian, about his first startup and then how twitter acquired it in 2013. Then he talked about how their company gets 100 milliseconds to place the bid. I got to learn more about the real-time bidding for the advertisements.

  • I found it interesting how data can be directed towards you. Like Brian was talking about how the things that you have recently searched can show up on a add on a different website. I also enjoyed listening to how he sold his start up company to Twitter. He just related big data to our everyday lives, and showed how he and other companies take it further. This relates to class because we’ve been discussing these topics through readings and looking at different companies.

  • I think it was very cool to hear from someone who worked so closely with such a major company like Twitter. His knowledge on big data was very interesting since it is everywhere around us. The information we don’t directly put online influences our search engine and our ads. No matter how discrete you think you are being on the internet, big data will always prove you wrong.

  • I really enjoyed Brian’s talk, and I think one of the most important things I learned was all the process of “real time bidding.” How if an advertisement wins a bid, it is that one that is shown to a person. I also found amazing how Brian explained to us that big data is everywhere and that at the end is directed to each one of us depending on the research we do and websites we go to on the internet.

  • Brian taught the class a lot about big data. I did not realize how companies use big data and how fast mobile-retargetting is . Besides this, what I liked the most about his talk is how he was able to market his company so well. I really liked the part where he told us how he marketed it to Twitter . Overall, his talk was really interesting in many aspects including business and marketing.

  • I enjoyed Brian’s talk to hear first hand from somebody who started up their own tech company. Silicon Valley stories always fascinate me so it was eye opening to hear from Brian. I think everybody is well aware of the ads that pop up on a site at the exact time and place you are about to click and it takes you to the ad instead. I do not pay much attention to these ads other than getting them out of the way of the website or app. I always thought those ads were just loading or something before they pop up. I had no idea a mini auction essentially takes place in a split second of a company trying to sell an ad in that small window before the ad pops up. It seems Brian’s business is a good one to get into because the more websites and especially apps that are developed and used, the more his type of company is needed.

  • The part that I enjoyed most about Brian’s talk was when we mentioned how big data was used for ads. It was interesting to hear about how big corporations can gather all this data on our online habits and try and turn it into profit. I also found it interesting when he told us about the quick bidding wars that go on by companies each time an on screen add has the possibility of appearing. It was great to hear about all this from someone who is active in the industry, rather than just reading about something in an article.

  • The most important takeaway from Brian’s talk was how big data can be personalized. I thought it was really interesting that companies can track what you are looking at and then send you ads to other similar things. I can definitely see how that can turn profit because whenever I look to buy something on amazon ads for similar things pop up on different websites and I always end up looking at them and am tempted to buy what they are advertising. It amazes me how big data allows for this.

  • What I found interesting about Brian Long’s talk was the idea that there is so much behind the scenes work and manipulation going on with data that the average consumer doesn’t know about. The way that companies are using big data to advertise and target individuals specifically based upon their interests is fascinating. After learning in class about how big data is collected from essentially every click you make on the internet, I can see how it is used to create revenue so effortlessly.

  • It was interesting to hear Brian talk about real time auctioning because this was something I didn’t know existed prior to his talk. I always wondered what determined which ads you see when visiting a website. He also touched on how ads you see are tailored to you personally and your previous searches. I see this a lot on Facebook. Overall, this talk shed some light on how companies use big data to profit and how big data permeates our everyday lives.

  • Brian’s talk was a fun break from the normal class structure, he was entertaining as well as very smart and did a great job educating us on big data and how companies use it to their benefit. I though the most interesting part was that with most companies we are kept as a serial number not as a name, this shows that companies aren’t focused on us as humans but are focused on our consumer history and buying tendencies to be more effective. I also found Brian’s story about working with different companies acquiring data fascinating and very informative.

  • Personally I think Brian’s talk was eye opening in regard to the application of big data. The advertisement re-targeting is a very useful tool for both companies as well as consumers. That being said, it still is a bit creepy. However, I do see more value in the use of big data.

  • The most important takeaway from Brian’s talk was using big data in real life. I also learned that big data can be used to target induviduals of buying similar products through special advertisement.I was also glad to hear about a local man selling his company to Silicon Valley tech company.

  • It was very interesting to hear Brian’s story. Apart from the fact that his company was bought by twitter by a mammoth $100 million, the idea of redirecting ads is something I have not heard of before. Interestingly, when I was on Facebook today, I saw this question that FB asked me. It was asking whether I recalled seeing an Ad from this certain company in the last 2 days. The moment I saw that, the first thing that came to my mind were the topics we discussed in class about big data. More specifically, how big data can be used to target individual more surgically. Facebook probably asked me that question to analyze how well their Ads are targeting users.

  • I would like to be one of those people who can say they loathe target marketing, but I just bought a $40 computer case this morning because of it and I don’t regret it one bit. I agree that it is invasive and it can feel like an invasion of privacy, but it works. Bryan was able to sell his company for as much as he did because dingbats like me with impulsive buying habits can’t say no to the one attractive Facebook ad about a computer case that leads down the rabbit hole of an eventual purchase. I was singled out based on my search history, buying patterns and user input…and I hate that I liked it.

  • The most important takeaway from Brian Long’s talk was how Big Data can be used within professions. It was very helpful that he applied our studies of Big Data and connected them to money. This gave me a great deal of perspective on how important Big Data truly is. I learned that Big Data can be used to sift through results (bids) rapidly in order to find the best option. His mobile advertising company was a massive success, and this was very inspiring and helpful.

  • An important takeaway from Brian’s talk was how companies utilize big data to target ads based on a user’s previous activity. With this data found, it is easier for companies to advertise products based on your interests. It explains and went further in depth of our class discussion.

  • I felt like the most important takeaway is how our data is being used to target ads to us. It was a very interesting lecture because I have always wondered how these ads would seem to track me. I’m not comfortable with the idea of a person knowing my purchase habits especially if I start getting recommendations based on one thing I only clicked on by accident. That was a headache. What also blew my mind was that there would be an auction of sorts where the highest bidder would be given the ad space and all of it takes place in an instant.

  • The one takeaway that I got out of Brain talking was that big data is the future of marketing. He talked about how companies use the big data that he collected and marketed to a specific demographic because of a concert, game, venue, or any other activity that would bring in marketers. This kinda of big data has been around for that past decade but only now are people starting to utilize it as a special tool for marketing and overall business needs.

  • There were several takeaways I learned from Brian Long’s presentation. I was amazed with the price that Twitter decided to buy out his company for. I was also fascinated with how much of an impact data can have on advertising. I don’t remember the exact technical terms that Brian used but I was impressed with how (TapCommerce) could identify each phone separately to each individual user and provide targeted advertisements based on user’s preferences.

  • The major takeaway I took from Brian’s talk on Thursday was how valuable big data is in today’s age, especially because of the rapidly increasing quantity. Not only were companies willing to pay top dollar to acquire personal information of individuals, but they later use that information to aggressively advertise to them. They view an individual’s recent web activity and then cater advertisements to them.

  • The talk turned out to be quite informative, and if I was to pick out one thing that stood out for me, it would have to be the online bidding of advertisement space. From the talk, I learned that the metadata that was collected by companies was the only thing they needed in order to come up with one’s personal profile. That very profile was then used by mobile advertising companies to bid for advertisement slots on sites like facebook.

  • One take a way I got is how the big major companies are really looking for different ways to find new data about their company. There is a major opportunity for young people in this market to create a company with an idea like Mark to help these companies out and make a few dollars while your at it. The thing that shocked me the most about his talk is when he first got on their and I realized how young he was. It shows that you can access this market at any age really.

  • The most important aspect of Brian’s talk, and what I found to be most relevant to me, was the way companies are able to target their consumers very easily and quickly through the Internet. Social media plays a huge role in our lives and now it can play an even bigger one – helping us determine what products to buy. This feature not only innovates advertising, but what products people purchase. Consumers are exposed to new products they may have not been familiar with before, then they are only exposed to those products based on their purchase history.

  • I think it was very interesting to hear from someone who works so closely with a major company like Twitter. Big data was very interesting because since it is everywhere around us the information we don’t receive directly gets put online and influences the different search engines and the different ads. Consumers are being exposed to the new products online, on ads, etc. but they not be familiar with it but are interested in buying the product because they just tell that the product is great and so many people have used it. I feel like they should put a data graph on there website or ads showing how many people are interested and how many aren’t.

  • I think Brian’s talk about his first startup was interesting. I learned a lot about big data in a real life situations, how valuable big data is in today, how the big major companies are seriously looking for various ways to find new data about their companies, how companies use big data to reach the target ads based on a user’s latest activity.

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