Section 006, Instructor: Sezgin Ayabakan

Sezgin Ayabakan

Extra Credit Assignment – Due Nov 30

Here is the Extra Credit Assignment that is due on Nov 30 by 11:59 PM. This is the data dictionary and this is the data (it is around ~2gb so be patient while first reading it into Tableau, you can use school’s computer labs if your laptop can’t handle).

Assignment has two parts (8 points each) and one bonus part (4 points). You can get a max of 20 points. Your score from this assignment will be distributed across your exams, meaning, your exam scores will be adjusted by the amount you receive from this assignment. For instance, if you get 15 points from this assignment and your exams are 90, 90, 95 then your exams will become 100 95 95 (because each exam has equal weight towards final score, it doesn’t matter which one receives this adjustment).


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