MIS2101 Section 702 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2014

Daniel’s Video

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  • I can’t get this to work either

  • 1. Rimini Street focus on effectiveness because they’re looking for lower cost, but somehow i still see it’s also efficiency because it’s added more software and supported PeopleSoft financial in long term.
    2.Rimini Street is making both fact and faith because it’s saving cost and bring more benefit to customers
    3. It’s parallel because it still keeps cater as well as adds more software such as cloud services.

  • I went into my Temple e-mail and got the link to work.

  • I have been seeing that the implementation of cloud service is the way or trend that most companies are going now. I thought that the video was very appealing. I think that the only downside of it, was the part that says that Workday can tell the company which employee is more likely to leave the company. I just feel that there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration before deciding if an employee is good or not for the company. A software cannot do it alone without human interaction.

  • I think the Rimini Street has a good idea and can be helpful in the transition from a legacy system to an advanced Cloud system. The fact the they have the experts and experience will help with a smoother transition. If the transition is easier, then more people will by into the new system.

  • 1. Is Rimini Street more focused on system effectiveness or system efficiency based on the integration services now being offered? Why?
    Both because they are trying to make the software more effective but at the sane time efficient because they are doing it cheaper.

    2. Which argument do you believe Rimini Street is making in this business case (Faith, Fear, or Fact)? Why?
    All of them

    3. What form of Software conversion strategy is Rimini Street using in this example (Parallel, Direct, Phased, or Pilot (Single location)?Why?
    Parallel because they are working with the same system that the customer already has in place.

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