MIS2101 Section 702 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2014

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Facebook sees apps in its future…..lots of apps


1.  Is Facebook Group a service that you would use?  Why or Why not?

2.  Do you think Mark Zukerburg’s strategy for creating new apps for Facebook will attract new users?

3.  Are standalone apps more user friendly than having to deal with the services through Facebook?


BYOD? Leaving a Job Can Mean Losing Pictures of Grandma

Clearing Data image

Article: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304027204579335033824665964

According to the article, more companies allow and even encourage employees to use their own phones and tablets for work activities, often referred to as “bring your own device,” or BYOD, an unexpected consequence has arisen for workers who have seen their devices wiped clean—remotely and with little or no advance warning—during or after employment by firms looking to secure their data.

1. Do you think that a company should be allowed to wipe your device clean with minimal to no notice? Why or Why not?

2. What are some of the organizational opportunities attributed to BYOD?

3. What is your preference? Your own device or the company’s? Why?

— Be sure to back up your devices!!!



The digital divide is becoming a greater issue in cities across the country due to our fast growing digital society.  How can we lessen the digital divide,  or is the digital divide the inevitable in our society today?  Read this article and answer these three questions.   RISE OF INTERNET LEARNING CREATES DIGITAL DIVIDE


  1. Should city/state and or the federal government make it a top priority to provide low-income families with school aged children free or low-income internet access and lap tops/PC’s?
  2. Temple University recycles computers and sells them to students/employees for a minimal cost.  Should Temple University expand the sale of the recycled computers to the surrounding community as a way of helping the digital divide?
  3. Kevin Hart donated 500 computers to Philadelphia’s schools and recreation centers.  What can we do to bring awareness to the cause of digital divide so that people like Kevin Hart will take note of the need in this digital society and give back to the cities inner city schools, recreation centers and libraries? 

Globalization and Digitization leading to Smart Cities


Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.32.11 PM


Discussion Questions:

What part does MIS play in the urbanization and creation of these smart cities?

What purpose do you feel MIS will serve in the ongoing globalization?

How do you see the evolution of globalization proceeding with the development of smart cities?


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