MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2016

Learn IT! #3

Option 1:

Participate in the Temple University Data Analytics Challenge.

Important dates:
9/30 – Challenge begins.  Work as an individual or in team (4 students max).
10/28 – Submit your work. 

Learn IT #3 – Temple Analytics Challenge

For more information, check out the Analytics Challenge site. There is a series of workshops you can attend as well as other valuable resources. 

Recommended TED Talk to get you started: The Beauty of Data Visualization

Option 2:

Complete 3 coding activities on codecademy.com. 

In this assignment you will work with easy, fun, and interactive coding tutorials at codecademy.com, learning the fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Learn IT! #4 – Coding with Codecademy

Submit all final deliverables via email to this address: MIS2101.q03p9aqqbyhnzf5x@u.box.com

Save your file as a PDF and name it using the following convention: LastName_FirstName_Learn-it-4

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