Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.001 – Carey O’Donnell – Spring 2017

Welcome to MIS2101

Welcome to MIS2101, Information Systems in Organizations.  We will not be using Blackboard for this class.  Instead we’ll be using this site which is hosted by Community.MIS.Temple.Edu.  This site is built on WordPress, a world class open-source blogging tool.  As part of completing the assignments in MIS2101 you will gain some experience with WordPress and other technologies.

Unlike most intro courses, this course has no required textbook.  The traditional textbook has been replaced by a collection of readings and videos that are freely available over the Internet.  Another way you will find this class very different than most classes you will take at any university is that this class is “activity based”.  With this type of class there is far less traditional lecture.  We will used the time that is freed up from lectures to complete in-class activities that help students develop a deeper and more genuine understanding of the material that is discussed during our class discussions.

On this site you will find all of the required course materials including the syllabus, links to the assigned readings, links to assigned videos, assignments and access to your grades for the course.  In addition announcements will be made in class and/or on this site so it is important that you check this site regularly for announcements.

MaxLabs Help Desk

For anyone needing help with their MaxLabs assignment, there is a Help Desk schedule and locations where you can get technical support.  Here is the schedule this week:

Here’s the schedule for the Max Labs 1-3 help desk:
Monday Feb 202-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday Feb 21: 9-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday Feb 229-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday Feb 235-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday Feb 249-10AM in Alter 602 

Slide Presentations





Exam 1 Activity 01 – Sample Mini-Case Review

Unit 3

Unit 3 Activity 03 – Filling in the Income Statement

Unit 3 Activity 04 – Decision Making with Neural Networks

Unit 3 Activity 03 – Filling in the Income Statement

Unit 3 Activity 04 – Decision Making with Neural Networks

Unit 3 Activity 05 – Gathering Systems Requir

Unit 3 Activity 06 – The Long Tail

Unit 4

Unit 4 Activity 01 – SCM and the Income Statement

Unit 4 Activity 02 – SCM Sourcing Planning



Exam 2 Activity 02 – Exam Prep




Class iT/A’s

This section has 3 iT/A’s, who are high-performing students who are help to help you with any issues, questions, or problems you may have during the semester.  Each student in class will be assigned to one of these iT/A’s; you will be receiving an email from your assigned iT/A shortly.

You will be given instructions by your assigned iT/A on how to submit out of class assignments electronically going forward.

The iT/A’s are:

Hana (Lead iT/A): 


Office Hour 

Hana –  Wed, Fri 10:00 AM-12:00PM

Rhea – Mon, Wed 2:00PM-3:30PM;  Tue 1:00PM-2:30PM

Bridget – Thu 3:30PM-6:30PM

Location: Spk 207

You are welcome to any sessions above.