Information Systems in Organizations (Carey O'Donnell)

Project 1: Assignment Posted

Here is the assignment for Project 1.  There are three parts to this assignment:  1.) Customer Realtionship Management (CRM); 2.) Decision Support System (DSS); and 3.) Business Intelligence (BI).  You will use these common business applications to learn how business uses common IT applications to help them run their business better.

The assignemt has all of the detailed instructions you need to run these applications and derive the correct answers.  You need to use the WORD template conatined with the instructions to post your answers.  Put ALL of your answers on the word document provided with the assignment.

Also attached is the Excel data base you will need to do the Part 3 assignment (BI).  Use this data table to run your pivot tables, using the instructions provided with the assignment.

The assignment is due in class on Feb 12; hard copy deliverable only!  (Don’t send me any soft copies, please.)  You only need to print the answers for each section; save a tree and don’t print all of the instructions!


MIS2101-Project-1-retail_sales_feb_Spring15_FN     (Used for Part 3 – Business Intelligence)

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