Information Systems in Organizations (Carey O'Donnell)

Project 2 – SAP


The final SAP Project deliverable is simply two screen shots of each completed exercise, printed on one or two pieces paper and handed in hard copy only.

Everything you need to know about the SAP project (Project 2) can be found at the following site:

The pages for the assignments themselves can be found here:

The site can also be found by logging onto the Community Site, and clicking the “Current Students” menu tab, and then clicking the “SAP Help Desk”  tab at the bottom.

The SAP Help Desk site has the following information:

  • An overview of how to use the site
  • Your FS Client number & other info you will need to log-on to the SAP server can be found in one of the three class sections listed.  You can work either individually or in teams of TWO; if you have a team-mate, use one of your FS client numbers and keep the other in reserve in case you need it later.
  • A schedule for the SAP help desk hours that are offered this week and next.  You MUST go to one of these help-desk sessions to learn how to log-in, and to complete your assignments.
  • A collection of video tutorials and written instructions on how to complete both the assignments, as well as the actual assignments themselves: “Sales Order Process Exercise” & “HR  Exercise”.  Everything you need to complete both exercises can be found here.
Day Time Room
Monday 3-16 2:30p – 5p Alter 602
Tuesday 3-17 3:30 – 5:30 Alter 602
Wednesday 3-18 1p – 3p Alter 602
Wednesday 3-18 3p – 5p Alter 602
Friday 3-20 11a – 2p Alter 602
Friday 3-20 2p – 4p Alter 602
Monday 3-23 1p – 3pm Alter 602
Monday 3-23 3p – 5:30p Alter 602
Tuesday 3-24 3:30p – 5:30p Alter 603
Wednesday 3-25 11a – 1p Alter 603
Wednesday 3-25 1p – 5 p Alter 602
Thursday 3-26 PROJECT DUE


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