MIS 2101.002 – Steve Sclarow – Fall 2018

Learn IT! #2

In this assignment you will analyze and report on key metrics that have been collected by Google Analytics regarding visitors that have visited your e-Portfolio site that you created in an earlier Learn IT! assignment.  As with Learn IT! #1, there is a separate version of this assignment for people who are MIS majors and people who are not MIS majors.   

Detailed Instructions for people who are NOT MIS majorsLearn IT #2 for Non-MIS Majors

Detailed Instructions for people who are MIS majorsLearn IT! #2 for MIS Majors


Save your PDF document of deliverables with the naming convention LastName_First Name_2101SectionX_LearnIT2 and email it from your Temple email account to: Learn_I.xtp50zzhl8p042lw@u.box.com

Due Date: Submit to OWLbox by 11:59PM on 12/10.

*** Remember, no late assignments will be accepted!