Data Centric App Development


Professional Achievement Points Project

MIS2402 Web API – Proof of concept

This project is being offered to MIS2402 students who are looking to earn additional MIS professional achievement points.  This project is not extra credit. Participation in the project will not improve or reduce your grade in MIS2402.  This project is optional.  You don’t need to do this project if you don’t want to.  The incentive for doing this project is MIS PRO points, and the joy of learning/applying a new skill: programming.

If you take advantage of this opportunity you may earn 0, 25, or 50 portfolio points based on my evaluation of your work.

Please read the instructions in the following document: PRO Points Project

IT Career Fair

Dear students,

As you know, the IT Career Fair ( is coming up on September 17, 2018.

There are over 30 leading companies, including NBCUniversal, Ernst & Young, QVC, Pfizer, AmerisourceBergen, Grant Thornton, GlaxoSmithKline, TD Bank, Subaru, and Vanguard attending. It is open to our majors, minors, and MS-DIM and MS-ITACS students.

I would strongly recommend you attending this event, because it’s a unique opportunity to talk to companies specifically motivated to hire MIS students. You should attend even if you have a job or internship lined up. You can use this fair as an opportunity to build your professional network!

The deadline for registration is September 14, so please please follow the link to register:

Prof. Bauman

Preparing for MIS2402

Here are some things that you can be doing to prepare for MIS2402.  I highly recommend doing all (or at least some) of these things before the semester starts!

  1. Read the syllabus.  It can be found on the “Syllabus” tab of this blog.
  2. Buy the textbook.  See the syllabus for the title, author, and ISBN of the textbook.  I recommend reading chapters 1 and 2.
  3. Install the class software on your own computer.  The software is free.  Installation instructions can be found on the “links” panel of this blog.
    • Windows PC users should install VS Code and Bitvise
    • Mac OS users should install VS Code and FileZilla.  Please note – while either platform can be used successfully in this class, most exercises and challenges are written with Windows PC screenshots and terminology.
  4. Sign in to and watch the videos that will be assigned to you in the first two weeks of the semester.  The videos to watch are:
    • HTML Essential Training with James Williamson
    • HTML & CSS: Creating Forms with Clarissa Peterson

Everything you do now will help you get off to a good start this coming semester.

I’m looking forward to meet you in the class!


Prof. Bauman