Instructor: Jing Gong, Section 002/004

Companies Using MySQL

You might be interested to know how popular MySQL is in the real world. What companies are running MySQL? Well, the list is quite long (see a complete list of companies using MySQL here), but here are some examples.

  • E-Commerce: Amazon, Airbnb, Alibaba,, craigslist, ebay, Google, Groupon, Uber, Yahoo
  • Telecom: Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T Wireless, Comcast, Verizon Wireless
  • Technology: Apple, Cisco, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, NEC, Symantec, Xerox
  • Web/Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Wikipedia, Yelp
  • Media/Entertainment: NBCUniversal, New York Times, Youtube
  • Retail: Sears, Walmart, Spirit, Macy’s West
  • Travel/Airlines: Continental Airlines, Virgin America, KAYAK, Orbitz

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