Instructor: Jing Gong, Section 002/004

Agenda for Week 9 (Week of 3/9)

Welcome back!

Below is the agenda for Week 9.

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday — Principles of Data Visualization
  • Thursday — ICA #6.1 Principles of Data Visualization; Introduction to Advanced Analytics and R (****Please install R and RStudio following the set up guide here: Setting up R and RStudio)


  • Assignment #4 (ETL in Excel)  – due on Tuesday, 3/13 before class.
  • Assignment #5 (Pivot Tables in Excel)  – due on Tuesday, 3/20 before class.

Other (for future weeks):

  • Exam 2 — we will have Exam 2 on 3/27 (Tuesday); there will be an in-class review session on 3/22 (Thursday)
    • Aaron will hold a review session on SQL advanced queries. Time and place TBA.
    • Nathan will hold office hour for Exam 2. Time and place TBA.


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